How to reset your router to factory settings

It's easy to reset your router to factory defaults at home without having to call a technician if you have our step-by-step guide on how to do it. Let's look at 2 easy ways on popular network devices - trust us, it's very easy!

How to Share WiFi from a Laptop

How do you turn your laptop or computer into a hotspot and then give them Wi-Fi? Talk about 2 simple but effective ways + recommend 5 utilities for Windows. Share useful information and the Internet with your friends - it's so much fun!

How to access the router settings

Learn the web interface of the router, as well as its software features. How to enter the settings of the device and what you can change there to optimize performance. We get acquainted with possible network errors, fix bugs - all this and much more in the review below.

File transfer over WiFi

3 best apps for fast and reliable Wi-Fi file transfer. Forget about wires, flash drives and Bluetooth technology. It's the 21st century and just innovative solutions! Use them and live your life to the max without limits!

How to change the channel on the router

Changing the Wi-Fi channel in the router settings is a simple but effective procedure. If you are dissatisfied with the quality of the signal and in general with your Internet, we recommend you to find a free channel and switch to it. Read more in the article.

How to find out Wi-Fi password

Find out your wi-fi password - what could be easier! Have doubts? Check out our article with all the tips and tricks you need to know the ∕ passwords of different devices and operating systems. Be brave and use it!

Who is connected to my WiFi

Who connects to your WiFi, uses it illegally and needs to be blocked immediately - our article covers all this and more. Monitor third-party connections with specialized software and be vigilant!

How to change a WiFi password

Changing Wi-Fi password - complete detailed instructions with screenshots for owners of the three most popular routers: D-Link, TP-Link, Xiaomi. Noticed any hackers or other network activity? Did the speed decrease? Immediately change your passwords!

How to boost a WiFi signal

How to effectively boost WiFi signal without going to specialists? It's possible when you have our article with simple and effective ways at your fingertips. Choose the best option for you and don't suffer with a bad signal anymore! Tested by us!

How to Share the Internet from Your Phone

Giving away WiFi from your phone is difficult? Wrong, just a few taps separates you from your cherished goal. Use our detailed guide to share Internet with everyone, it's up to you! Instructions are suitable for Android and iOS.

How to block the Internet

If you need to block the Internet for security purposes, read our instructions. It's for everyone, whether you own a Windows PC or an Android smartphone or tablet. Don't be lazy to read it-information may come in handy at any time!

Default router password

Forgotten default router password - what to do? Open this article, of course! In it, we've collected all the default logins and passwords for many popular network devices. If the code hasn't been changed by you - you'll definitely find it in our database!


How to enter the personal user account and settings of the router Zyxel Keenetic, why such manipulations are necessary and what each of us can do with the device management without turning to the provider and technical support service - read here.

How to access Netis settings, why this is important, and who might need it - this article goes into more detail. Don't go to the tech services every time for help with network errors - trust our advice!

VPN for router

VPN for router - reliable protection of your Internet connection and access to blocked resources. We advise you to use 3 great services. Set up your device just once and don't bother with bans and blockers anymore!

How to reboot the router

We're going over the elementary options on how to properly reboot your router. Device doesn't respond, hangs up and needs urgent setup? - Not a problem, a couple of minutes of time, a little patience and you're back online! The manual is suitable for the following models: Xiaomi, Beeline, MTS,

How to turn on bluetooth on a laptop

Turn on Bluetooth on your laptop or computer in just a few seconds. Do you often transfer small amounts of information between devices? - Don't bother, just set up Bluetooth and get to work! This article shows a few examples of the OS with screenshots.

Google Public DNS и

Google Public DNS is a technology using publicly available free DNS servers. Need to increase speed, bypass blocking, but stay safe? Set up Google DNS in Windows and work in total peace of mind! .