Wifislax is one of today's high-end hacking distributions. It is designed to quickly test and professionally audit the security of wifi networks. The product is similar to Kali Linux, which we described earlier, but of course it has its own configuration and toolkit, as it is less functional and is aimed specifically at working with wireless networks.

What are programs of this type used for and why? - Primarily for detecting vulnerabilities and network errors, general monitoring and analysis of wireless networks, i.e. to increase cyber security, and sometimes for conducting illegal activities (such as password cracking and data theft) - I think everyone knows about that. We advise you to use the software only for its intended purpose.

Download Wifislax

A couple of words about Wifislax installation. Basically it's an operating system which you can download to a hard disk ⁄ laptop as well as an image CD. Here is how to do it:
  1. Download an image from our site, and then burn it to a blank CD or flash drive (you can use programs like UltraISO).
  2. Reboot PC, start Wifislax Live distributive.

System requirements: PC or laptop (32/64 bit), 2GB RAM.

There is the installation stage completed - everything is simple. It's a bit more complicated to deal with the software products which are contained in the application. Basically, we are talking about a set of tools which help us monitor and audit the computer system. We have quite a lot of them, but only the most requested ones:
  • METASPLOIT - provides information about vulnerabilities and bugs in the system;
  • FFmpeg - a suite of programs to support digital audio and video;
  • Wireshark - a popular analyzer of network protocols and traffic in general;
  • Crunch - a platform designed for key generation;
  • Hydra, a password cracking authentication tool;
  • Hashcat, similar to previous product, that recovers keys;
  • LibreOffice, a package of office utilities, etc.
In fact, there are much more such tools. This is why Wifislax is so popular lately. It's easier to configure (compared to its counterparts) but also very fast and powerful. In addition the software has the Russian language, and the interface is quite flexible and concise. Yes, it is highly specialized, but it has two cores (PAE and standard) and a graphical shell.

We tried to tell you about the basic characteristics of this application. If you personally want to see its functionality and reliability, we advise you to download Wifislax for free on our resource.

Program information
Title: Wifislax Linux
Size: 1.55 Gb
Operating system: Windows, Linux
Latest version: 3.1 (64bit), 4.12 (32 bit)
Developer: wifislax.com
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