Kali Linux

Kali Linux is a popular distribution designed for testing vulnerabilities in wireless networks and finding passwords to them. Of course, the functionality of the application is not limited to this because it is huge. We will describe them a bit later.

First of all we would like to answer the often asked by inexperienced users what is Kali Linux? It is a breakthrough in IT technology industry and it is still a favorite tool for hackers all over the world. And it's not a surprise at all, because the software is in fact a modern and powerful tool for computer security audit and, consequently, for intrusion and hacking. That is if we talk about the purpose of the utility in a nutshell without any obscure terms.

Help: Kali was developed on the basis of Ubuntu and at first was known under the name BackTrack. It got its current name in 2013.

Now a few words about what this product is for. If you think, that it's only for hacking you are definitely wrong. The software is a great helper to monitor the network for various bugs ⁄ vulnerabilities or unauthorized outside access.

Installing Kali Linux

While it is a Linux distribution, it can also be installed on Windows and Android devices, which we will talk about next. There is an opinion that it is not that easy to do and it is partly true. There is a lot of information on the Internet, but it's all confusing and uninformative. We will tell you about the installation in a short format. So:
  1. Download the distribution image on our website.
  2. Launch the image with standard Windows tools or with specialized programs.
  3. Run setup.exe
  4. Let's follow the instructions and the computer reboots and asks if you want to boot from Kali Linux

Kali Linux on Android

Let's talk about installing the software on Android devices (smartphones ⁄ tablets). This process is a bit time consuming in that you need to download an additional emulator application (e.g. Limbo PC Emulator). You can find it in the Play Store. It is where your account will be created, your hard disk will be configured and the Kali system will start.

There is a version specifically designed for Android: Kali Nethunter

Tools for Kali Linux

The software distribution includes the following testing tools:
  • Aircrack-ng - A set of utilities for detecting WiFi networks, capturing the traffic they carry, monitoring WEP and WPA/WPA2-PSK keys;
  • Burp Suite - A Java application for vulnerabilities in web applications and sites. It includes several categories: proxy server, spider, intruder, repeater;
  • Hydra - online password cracker for services on UNIX platforms, can attack multiple resources at once;
  • John the ripper - tool for auditing and password cracking (searching for NTLM hashes, Kerberos, etc.);
  • Maltego - software designed to analyze and record information from databases;
  • Metasploit framework - designed to create and use exploits and monitor system security;
  • Nmap - a platform for scanning IP networks with a large number of objects, checks the status of ports, hosts and related special services;
  • Sqlmap - designed to find and exploit sql vulnerabilities and can run on most operating systems;
  • Wireshark - a popular and handy traffic analyzer for Ethernet and other networks.
In fact, most of these programs are console (i.e. run from the command line).

We haven't mentioned all the tools (they are still changing and being updated), but the above mentioned products make it clear that Kali Linux is very versatile and functional. The developers never stop innovating and from time to time they bring you improvements and new versions that are even more professional and comfortable.

Our review is quite short because we could talk about it for hours (if not for 24 hours). We have tried to tell you what exactly is interesting about this program and who might need it. Otherwise, we recommend you to try and download Kali Linux for free at our website. We assure you that the software is worthy of your acquaintance!

Program information
Title: Kali Linux
Size: 2.8 Gb
Operating system: Windows, Android
Latest version: 2022.2
Developer: Мати Ахарони, Макс Мозер
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22 April 2023 15:38

good software thank you

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