Advanced IP Scanner

Advanced IP Scanner - free modern LAN scanner for Windows with excellent functionality and high user ratings. It is no coincidence that we started our series of articles about "Sniffer" with this service - it is more interesting and useful than any other. How?

The tool analyzes local networks, effectively monitors all connected devices and helps with remote device management. But that's not all functional characteristics of the resource (we'll talk about the rest later).

Who can benefit from it?   Literally everybody: both system administrators in the corporate sphere and ordinary users at home. If you value security and have multiple devices and multiple networks, you definitely need a similar software.

Properties of Advanced IP Scanner portable

Secure and fast in operation, it does not require installation, as it can be run portatively from a disc or flash drive (it's called "Run Software Without Installation"). Thus you save system resources of your laptop ∕ computer and do not load the RAM.
  • Collects data about networked computers + access to network folders, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP;
  • can multiple Mac addresses at once;
  • Group operations (with shutdown option) on remote devices;
  • Integration with Radmin and RDP.
Functions on OS Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10.

Laconic and friendly interface with Russian language. All the necessary information is displayed in the main window. There are also four main tabs: File, View, Settings, Help and the "Scan" button, which launches the testing process. The results are displayed in the column with the same name.

In general, it is very easy to use the scanner. You may configure the IP address range. Once launched, the following parameters will be available to you: the list of connected devices (you can save it later), MAC and IP addresses of remote PCs, routers, etc.

It's important! In order to use this software the user must have Radmin server version installed + login data are required (password, login).

Download Advanced IP Scanner

With such ultra-simple, in many ways "advanced" programs you want to work. Their versions are constantly updated, there are no complicated configurations and settings and you can easily figure it out on your own.

Download Advanced IP Scanner in Russian on our web portal via a direct link (from the official site) - it's safe and fast.

Program information
Title: Advanced IP Scanner
Size: 20.1 mb
Operating system: Windows
Latest version: 2.5.4594.1
Developer: Famatech Corp.
reload, if the code cannot be seen
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