Angry IP Scanner

Angry IP Scanner is an easy-to-use Internet port and IP address scanner. Allows you to scan the local network in a given range of ∕ specified IP-addresses. It has several good functional characteristics, which is advantageous over its analogues.

Let's start the review traditionally with the answer to the question: who can use it? Don't think that only network administrators and specialists of technical services can benefit from it! All of us can sometimes find out who is connected to our ∕ notebook computer. Besides, it is used by government agencies and private companies - and that says a lot!

Properties of Angry IP Scanner Rus

The very essence and purpose of the utility - "pinging" addresses. With this she copes with the "excellent". The software is able to detect and display the host name, as well as addresses of network cards and other important data. We will talk about the rest of the advantages and working points further on.
Enjoy the following options:
  • support for UDP and TCP requests;
  • export and save data in popular formats (CSV, TXT, XML);
  • ability to provide access to telnet, web server + NetBIOS information;
  • high performance + multi-threaded monitoring process;
  • extensibility through third party plugins;
  • presence of hotkeys to go through hosts + perform actions on them: delete, re-scan, etc.
The service is portable, it doesn't require installation and can be launched from any media (flash drive, disk).

Its interface is as concise as possible, it is in Russian, so all commands are understandable for learning ∕ usage. There are 5 tabs: "Scan", "Select", "Commands", "Favorites" (to add the frequently used ranges), "Tools" and "Help".

The parameters can be left alone - the main thing is to determine the range of testing and the software will do the rest. All the control elements are located in the main window.

Functions on Windows, Mac, Linux.

Download Angry IP Scanner on Windows

The software can be useful for many users to identify connected electronic devices and those who often deal with Wi-Fi networks. It's easy to work with it and that's all we need!

We recommend downloading Angry IP Scanner Rus on PC for free and see for yourself all the above. The latest version is available (without registration and SMS) - the link below.

Program information
Title: Angry IP Scanner
Size: 17.7 mb
Operating system: Windows
Latest version: 3.8.2
Developer: Angryziber
reload, if the code cannot be seen
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