Port Scanner

Port Scanner is a small scanner utility for tracking and monitoring open Windows ports (its second name says exactly that - "Open Ports"). The software is used in order to protect your laptop ∕ computer and has good functionality. Before we start the review let's mention an important point.

Why do we need to know which ports are open? To protect against hacker attacks and connections from the outside (it is so easy to get into the system and use it at the discretion of hackers, "steal" data, etc.). Consequently, absolutely everyone - from "home" users to system administrators and IT security specialists - may need the application.

Program "Open Ports" for Windows

This software has the following features:
  • monitor open ports (monitor sockets TCP or UDP);
  • filters by state (active, passive search);
  • monitor internal ∕ external IP;
  • review connection by IPv4 and IPv6 and other.
It doesn't need installation as it is portable and you can run it with flash drive or disk on almost any electronic device.

Help: it works on OS Windows 7 / 8 / 10; you need .NET Framework.

In case we talk about the interface it is laconic and has a table format. The choice of languages is present - Russian is also available.

Similar products in the Internet are not so much, so you should definitely get acquainted. This utility allows you to control your network environment without fear of hacker intrusions and virus attacks. It is easy to use and has an intuitive menu.

Download the port scanner for free on our web-portal - follow the direct link (downloadable from the official site without registration).

Program information
Title: Open ports
Size: 14.2 kb
Operating system: Windows
Latest version: 1.1
Developer: HackOFF
reload, if the code cannot be seen
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