Wi-Fi Hacking Software

There are a lot of wifi hacking programs, but there are almost no adequately working ones. Still, getting the wifi password is realistic if you use the right resources. Knowing the packet data interception method, you can enjoy free Internet access almost anywhere in the infrastructure.

Until recently, during the first version of the WPA rule, dictionary programs that randomly searched combinations of passwords were used to hack wifi. Such parsing took up to eight hours. Soon, router manufacturers switched to WPA2, and dictionary hacking attempts became deactualized. Programs appeared capable of fishing out passwords in fifteen minutes. To do this, you need to download the software, set certain settings and wait a bit. The principle is to attack the router via a network.

Android applications for hacking wifi:

Windows programs to crack wifi:

  • Dumpper - identifies devices from a number of visible routers, pulls out information, particularly wireless network data. Setting the range of external ip addresses, the program starts breaking in to these addresses, using the standard combinations of username/password, such as: adminadmin, admin12345. If password is not changed, the program gets access to the router's software. It uses WPS vulnerability. Dumpper is a free wifi cracker, not a panacea, but if the router owner is not secured, it will work 100%.

  • WiHack is a program that provides one of the most effective methods of hacking wifi networks today - intercepting packet data sent between your computer and router. The program connects to the exchange channel to intercept packets that contain information about the actions taken. The hacked password is sent to the email. The result is that the wifi is compromised. If the exchange channel has low activity, the data interception method may not work.

When it comes to router password, usually do not change, and login remains default "admin". It turns out that the wifi is absolutely not protected from hackers. After all, at first glance, it seems that in order to log into the router you have to plug in a wire, or connect wirelessly.

Rules for router setup

  • Change login/password on the login device.
  • Update the latest router firmware on the official site.
  • Perform "NAT Enabling" - such function exists on all new generation routers. It forms the internal ip in the global, as well as is necessary for the simultaneous connection of multiple devices: laptop, phone, computer.
  • Activate the DMZ, add the left ip to it. For example:

If you follow all the listed router configuration recommendations, the attacker will be defeated!

Program information
Title: Free Wi-Fi connector
Operating system: Windows и Android
Latest version: 2.1 (beta)
Developer: ProAdmin
reload, if the code cannot be seen
Download the same:
WiCrack (ver. 1 Build 6)

The legendary WiCrack program, finding it on the Internet is a great difficulty, but whether you need it, if WiCrack still does not work and is just an ordinary nothing.

Connectify Hotspot
Connectify Hotspot (ver. 2021.0.1.40136)

Connectify hotspot is another program which distributes Wi-Fi Internet from your computer or laptop to other devices.

AirSlax (ver. 6.2)

AirSlax is a program for capturing and stealing passwords to WiFi networks with different types of security and encryption

WiFi Hotspot Creator

WiFi Hotspot Creator runs on Windows and is used to distribute the Internet to other devices via WiFi. The authors of the program have stopped supporting it, I recommend to look for other analogues in this section.