AndroDumpper is an application for Android devices. Officially, it is designed for the user to check his or her Wi-Fi network for vulnerabilities in WPS (Wi-Fi Protect Setup) technology. This security setup automatically encrypts the wireless network, the password to which can be easily hacked by various hackers. It is important to understand that a Wi-Fi network can only be fully protected against hacking by completely disabling WPS technology. To check how vulnerable your personal router is to hacker attacks, you can download AndroDumpper to your gadget for free and try to crack your own network password. The application is simple to use and the process of working with it is as automated as possible for the user.

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Checking the reliability of your router is not the only feature provided by the AndroDumpper app. A useful feature of this program is that, due to a vulnerability in the WPS installation, it allows the user's device to connect to a closed wireless Wi-Fi network. It should be noted that this function does not work in all cases. For example, routers without a fixed PIN code cannot be hacked by the program, also some routers are less vulnerable in their security setting than others, so it will be harder to gain access to them. In order to hack someone else's router password the following minimum actions are required: select the required network in the list and after a short wait enter the PIN-code from the router, if the operation is successful.

The AndroDumpper can be downloaded from the official Google Play app in English. Free software downloads are also available on third-party sites, so it will not be difficult to find a version of AndroDumpper in Russian. For the correct operation of the software it is desirable to have root rights from the user. Calculated application AndroDumpper for Android-gadgets with versions 4.0.0 and above, on other operating systems, the program will not run. There is an analogue of this program for Windows OS with a similar set of functions - Dumpper.

Program information
Title: AndroDumpper
Operating system: Android
Latest version: 3.11
Developer: Osama Abukmail
reload, if the code cannot be seen
Download the same:
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