BlueSoleil is a professional Bluetooth connection manager for laptops and computers. The application is very popular in its segment of the IT services market, as it helps to connect desktops with all user's Bluetooth gadgets easily and easily and has an impressive set of tools for work.

Accordantly, having such a helper is sometimes very useful. Everyone has situations when there is no Internet, but still it is necessary to urgently transfer some documents or photos to another device (smartphone, web-camera, headphones, etc.). That's where this software comes in handy.

The utility is provided with a complete set of drivers, so you won't have to scour the Internet in search of additional configurations. Many users will also appreciate its simple interface and uncomplicated menu which even a child can handle.

Activating BlueSoleil on Windows

There is nothing complicated about installation and setup of this software - everything is standard. Follow the link, download the installation file (following the instructions of the wizard) and launch the software.

The start page opens in front of us. The utility automatically detects and displays the information about the devices available for connection (laptops, PCs, smartphones and tablets), as well as installs all the necessary drivers (if any). You can also click the icon of your computer to manually update the data.
Important: To activate BlueSoleil, you will need to use the key included in the package. So you will not run the Mb limited demo-version, but the full version with the full (extended) functionality.

The program interface is very laconic and user friendly - 2 main tabs are available, but only the first of them is used for work (the second is a link to the official site). When putting the cursor over the icons we see what keys are available for this or that device type (auto update ∕ network creation, file transfer with the selection of folders, contacts exchange from the phone, "Send ∕ receive card" buttons, synchronization, viewing images etc.)

In tab "Advanced Configuration" you can view the connection statistics (transmission speed, size, flow control).

Features of BlueSoleil 10.0

The functional characteristics of the software are quite diverse:
  • Transfer files to and from gadgets.
  • Calls over Skype using Bluetooth headset (Wireless Telephony Profile (CTP).
  • Internet access (when you want, even in transit).
  • Hear music stored on your computer with a wireless headset.
  • Transfer photos from your Bluetooth digital camera to laptop or PC without any cable connection.
  • Print documents from your Bluetooth printer (within range) without cables.
  • Local networking for internet connection.
  • The only downside is the demo version is limited to 5 MB file transfer.
  • Compatible with Windows 8 / 8.1 / 10, Linux and Windows CE.
  • It has a simple interface.
  • It is localized.
  • Good technical support on the official website.
There is also a portable version for devices with low system resources - BlueSoleil Portable (fully identical to the desktop version).

The hero of this review is definitely a useful, practical and feature-rich software. With it, you will discover a whole world of new possibilities and prospects for the use of electronic devices. What do you need to do? That's right, download BlueSoleil on Windows by our direct link - go right now!

Program information
Title: BlueSoleil
Size: 140 mb
Operating system: Windows
Latest version: 10.0.498.0
Developer: IVT Corporation
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