Limited network access

Limited Internet access on laptop screen - what to do?

Error 720

Resident 720 error occurs in certain cases: when the computer ∕ laptop has been attacked and infected and then cleaned by several anti-virus programs at once; when the operating system is outdated (without a long update) or when PPTP protocols are not properly configured.

ERR proxy connection failed

May appear on both Windows-based laptops and Android gadgets. It signals that you cannot connect to the proxy server at the moment.

The network cable is not connected

Such an error very often annoys Internet users, and it concerns both experienced users and beginners. The frustrating thing is that the cable itself can be connected correctly, but there is no connection, there is no connection (happens in 98% of cases).

Error 868

Internet Error 868 is not a rare phenomenon on the screens of electronic devices. It is related to VPN (virtual private network) and Internet access itself. The code has nothing to do with the providers of services (as mistakenly believed by users of Beeline, Rostelecom, etc.).

Error 651

Error 651 is quite common to disturb users when connecting to the Internet. It is mainly caused by the failure of network equipment (router, network card, modem). If you see it again on your screen don't be lost, open our instruction, we know what to do and how to help you!

Error 628

Error 628 is quite common when connecting to the network and should not make users particularly nervous. With these system messages, it's important to understand


DNS PROBE FINISHED NO INTERNET Internet access error can bring a lot of inconvenience to your life, because its frequent occurrence will certainly not make you happy. In our material read a simple solution

Error 769

Few ways to get rid of error 769 when connecting to the Internet

Error 678

All the ways to get rid of error 678 on your Windows computer read our article

Error 629

The easy way to solve error 629 when connecting to the Internet on Windows

Error 711

Three easy ways to fix 711 error when connecting to the Internet

IPhone can't connect to WiFi

I would like to note right away that this problem most often occurs when working with a new network (you know that there is unlocked wifi in a store, restaurant, park on the bench - but you can not connect today, although yesterday someone was connected there)

Wi-Fi authentication error

Sometimes, when connecting devices to a wireless access point, unforeseen difficulties can occur. One of them is a wi-fi authentication error.

Obtaining an ip-address infinitely

Infinite getting an ip address is a nasty bug that can make it difficult to connect to the internet, luckily we know how to fix it!

Не находит Wi-Fi сеть

What to do if wi-fi is not displayed on devices (laptop, phone), several solutions to the error

Wi-Fi errors

Errors when connecting to a WiFi network are not uncommon, as more and more users around the world use it virtually every day (fast, reliable, easy). But what about when the connection fails? The main thing is not to panic and do not rush to go to a specialist or to repair equipment. Any error can be corrected. Let's look into it.

The problems with WiFi can arise for various technical reasons. One of these causes is the wrong settings for the router or a connected smartphone (alternatively, take the instructions to the device and configure it manually). Most frequently errors are related to software failure or system freeze: Wi-Fi authentication error, infinite obtaining of the ip-address or the device can't find Wi-Fi network.

What to do in each case, see in this section of our site. We're reassuring you that our guideline will help you to quickly resolve all the issues and you'll be able to continue using your network.