Error 628

Error 628 is quite common when connecting to the network and should not make users particularly nervous. With such system messages it is important to understand - the laptop sends us a message with a code, we untangle the error code and the problem is quickly solved.

This is what the failure itself looks like on Windows:

How to fix error 628?

Let's see the main steps to help us in this.

If you have been using the network and the modem for a long time and the error bothers you from time to time, it is most likely because of the load on the servers and the technical capabilities of the provider - here you can do nothing (except to change the service provider). Call the hot line, be indignant!

If you are trying to connect for the first time (you have bought another device) or the problem occurs for the first time, then we recommend:
  1. Check the modem driver update (if outdated and needs to be replaced) - do not forget to download the software on the official sites.
  2. Test the network settings (login, password, authentication modes and get DNS address.) Sometimes there is a need to create a new connection, than to fix the old one. If you do not know all this, it is better to contact technical support.
  3. The next option - disable the tasks that are "responsible" for automatic access to the Internet. Go to: Control Panel > All Panel items > Administration > Task Scheduler. Remove all autoloading programs.

Some experts recommend using a "hot restart" of the modem, but we doubt the effectiveness of these techniques. Would you like to try it? Pull the cord of the device and insert it into another slot without closing the application.

And finally remember if you've paid for the service this month.

All the impossible is possible! Don't be afraid of system nodes and configurations - everything is easier than it seems! Read our instructions - and you will cope with any failures efficiently and without problems!

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reload, if the code cannot be seen
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