Error 711

Connection error 711 is a code that is not often seen on computer screens, but nevertheless it is sometimes encountered. Faced with this problem on OS Windows 7, 8 or any other version? Today we'll show you the ways of solving this error at home without calling to the technical support service.

By the way, the given ERROR is "internal" and doesn't depend on the provider (Beeline, MTS, Rostelecom, Byfly, Intertelecom, Skylink, etc.). It looks like this:

This usually signals a malfunction in the dispatcher service, which is multi-component. To understand the cause of the failure, you need to perform a series of simple actions.

Error 711 when connecting to the Internet - how to fix?

Let's analyze 4 options:
  1. Test the components Windows and their work. Let's start with the self-configuring "Plug and Play" devices:

    Start > Find>double-click on "Component Services". In the "Properties" dialog box, select the automatic start method, click "Run". We configure the "Telephony" and "SSTP" services in a similar way:
  2. In case the error persists, it is worth checking the owner of the system root folder (maybe you changed it accidentally). Go to the C drive, right click on the > Security folder. Check the "Groups and Users" window - each of the 3 categories must have full access. Restart the device.
  3. The problem might be much simpler in the end - just OS Event Collector can't write logs to the appropriate folder on the notebook - it happens. To fix it, find this folder (see screenshot) and rename it Logfiles.old. Reboot.
  4. If this method does not "work" either, we recommend rolling back to an earlier version - it will definitely help!
Do not be afraid to work with settings and service nodes, sometimes this knowledge makes life much easier - as do our helpful informative articles. Let us know about your successes in the comments! See you soon!

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