Error 678

Error 678 is a common code when connecting to the Internet. It means that there is no connection between the laptop ∕ computer and the access server. It may be related to many factors: malfunction of network devices (especially the adapter), strict operating mode of anti-virus and other hardware components, problems with Windows (outdated version), etc.

But you should not despair. Any error can be corrected - ERROR 678 was no exception! Please read this instruction - the recommendations collected and checked by us will fit all providers (Beeline, Byfly, MTS, Rostelecom, Intertelecom, Skylink etc.).

Error 678 - how to fix it?

Start with the service provider - technical support. If there are some technical works going on there all your efforts on setting ∕ replacing ∕ optimization will be in vain. And then perform the following steps:

  1. Check the connection cables between the modem and PC - if something got loose and does not work. Especially pay attention to the network cable (there is a review).
  2. Disable for a while anti-virus software, firewall, firewall - security systems often block the connection.

  3. Look at the version of the network card driver (see Device Manager). Outdated?
  4. If it gets really complicated, delete the TCP/IP protocol (read more in the article "Error 720").
There are lots of ways to solve the problem, but they are all easy to implement and do not require external professional help! We hope you are successful in fixing Internet Error 678! Describe your successes in comments!

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