Error 629

Error 629 is a very common phenomenon in operation of the OS Windows. Do not be afraid of it - we continue to tell our readers about various connection problems, network failures, their codes and effective solutions.

Today we are talking about this:

Sometimes the explanation may sound slightly different (depends on the Windows version), but the point is the same: something went wrong when connecting to the Internet. Don't rush to the Technical support service (you can always do it in time) - read our instruction, we will definitely help you!

Error 629 - how to fix it?

Sometimes it is useful to wait until all running applications are finished and reboot the device. It did not work? Let's do the following:
  1. Check the password ∕ login (keyboard layout, CapsLock, bad dots, dashes, extra characters ∕ spaces).
  2. Let's look at the cable (loose, broken, bent, misplaced).
  3. In rare cases the problem may be with TCP/IP configurations--then "roll back" to an earlier version.
  4. If you changed the motherboard or NIC recently, reconfigure the settings (when you don't know how - call our hotline now).
As you see, every crash has its reason, so stay tuned - our simple and easy-to-follow recommendations + detailed screenshots will help you avoid a lot of hassles and errors when connecting. See you soon!

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reload, if the code cannot be seen
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