Termux is an Android terminal emulator and Linux application that works directly without the need for rooting or complex configurations. At the same time, the software is not so simple, that is why we talk about it today in more detail.

Installation of such software gives us more opportunities to use the smartphone, i.e. in fact it becomes a kind of Linux terminal platform for hacking. The utility itself serves as a base system with preinstalled packages (installed automatically, more are available through the APT package manager).

Characteristics of Termux on Android

  • security (access to remote servers via ssh client from OpenSSH);
  • optimization of settings - install what you want via the APT package manager, known from Debian and Ubuntu GNU / Linux;
  • openness - the packages available in Termux are similar to Mac and Linux packages - install the man pages on your phone and read them in one session and experiment with them in another;
  • comfort to use - connect your Bluetooth keyboard and external display if you want - Termux has keyboard shortcuts and mouse support etc.д.

Installing Termux on the smartphone

You cannot start using the application without settings, so we start with them.
  1. Download and start the software, reboot and install tsu (Termux SU) using commands (updates as well):
    apt update
    apt install tsu
  2. Install OpenSSH and generate keys:
    apt install openssh

  3. To connect to the smartphone via SSH, add the ssh public key of the host machine to ~/.ssh/authorized_keys.
    cd .ssh
    cat term.pub >> authorized_keys

  4. Check the contents, restart and check the port:
    cat authorized_keys
    pkill sshd
    netstat -ntlp

  5. So we just connect via SSH to our smartphone. These are just the basic settings, just so you understand.

List of Termux commands

Somebody called the program a hacker's pocket friend - and it is. If you get it, you get a hacker friend.

Program information
Title: Termux
Size: 87.7MB
Operating system: Android
Latest version: 0.118
Developer: Fredrik Fornwall
reload, if the code cannot be seen
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