Technology 4G LTE ∕ VoLTE (for smartphones) is the latest standard of wireless high-speed data transmission. Do you want to have good Internet speed without bothering with complicated settings and expensive tariffs? Read more about the protocol in our article

WiDi (Wireless Display)

WiDi is a new, narrower format of Intel's well-known Wi-Fi technology for wireless image transfer. Experience the advantages of the service today: high speed connection without additional equipment and cables, high speed traffic synchronization on any devices, minimal delays and much more.


DLNA is the latest technology designed to streamline and efficiently connect devices into a single mechanism for synchronizing data and sharing media content. Send and receive photos, music, videos, graphic files in real time, without delays or connection errors - right here, right now!


All information about the new security standard

Wi-Fi Direct

This technology allows users to exchange data between multiple devices regardless of the access point (router).


WiMAX is a telecommunications technology designed to provide wireless universal communication over significant distances for devices ranging from workstations and laptop computers to cell phones.