WiDi (Wireless Display)

WiDi (Wireless Display) - one of the latest technologies of wireless data transfer from a laptop, smartphone, other gadgets to Smart TVs. The development has a number of functional innovations - and it is interesting to know what it is. We tell you about it.

Software is a development of Intel Company. By its operating technique it is similar to Wi-Fi (since it is based on its standards) but it has its own personal characteristics and even advantages:
  • easy to use at home
  • fast connection + high speed
  • minimal delay
  • accessibility of various IEE standards.
In fact, with this technology in the electronic device, the user can sync and transfer audio ∕ video ∕ graphics and software from PC / laptop / tablet to TV in high quality without using wires.

How WiDi works?

We will not describe the scientific terms - it is boring. We will just mention a couple of interesting points. Since the technology uses software and hardware, the router and wi-fi access points are not used in this case. Another advanced technological innovation is used for wireless connection: WiFi Direct. Information is broadcasted in real time. The initial data is compressed, synchronized with the TV adapter, the image is transmitted to the screen and we can see it.

Disadvantages in the development also exist - it is hardware incompatibility with some devices (or rather models), but in time the dynamics will change, we are sure. In the meantime, check if the WiDi logo is on your laptop! By the way, this is one of the laptop requirements for a fully functional Wireless Display. Consider others.

Monitor requirements: HDMI input
Adapter requirements: Compatible with Intel Wireless Display technology (for example, Intel Centrino with 802.11n., D-Link DHD-131 TV Adapter will work.) A full list of devices is available on the official site of the developer.
Requirements for OS: Windows 7 and higher + installation of Intel My WiFi and Intel Wireless Display.

It's very encouraging that in the pursuit of superiority companies create more and more new high-tech and useful products for our joy. This technology is undoubtedly useful for many people: the office workers of ∕ corporations and avid home users. Now you know what WiDi is and can appreciate its usefulness in practice!

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