Wi-Fi apps for Android

WIBR+ (ver. 2.5)

WIBR+ bruteforce application for breaking into closed networks, allows to pick the password by searching variants from the dictionary. Several dictionaries are already included in the package, a good option for weakly protected networks.

Andrax (ver. v5R BUILD: 5)

Andrax - a cool mobile client for turning your smartphone into a hackerphone

Termux (ver. 0.118)

Termux - hacker's pocket friend, terminal emulator and Linux environment that works without root rights

WiFi Master Key
WiFi Master Key (ver. 5.3.07)

WiFi Master Key is not a hacker application, but it already has a huge database of passwords from various Wi-Fi networks shared by users themselves. It will come in handy when traveling.

WiFi Warden
WiFi Warden (ver.

WiFi Warden - hacking Wi-Fi routers and closed networks with WPS vulnerability, the best application on Android. Does not require Root rights on your smartphone.


WIFI WPS WPA TESTER top WiFi hacking app with Android, one of the top 20 GooglePlay apps!

Kali Nethunter
Kali Nethunter (ver. 2022.2)

Kali Nethunter is a mobile version of the Android program Kali Linux plus some additions to work from your smartphone, we recommend reading it.

IP-tools (ver. 8.30)

The application includes 19 mini-utilities, each of which performs different purposes and tasks. But in general, with this tool you can get data about ip addresses (internal and external + router) and the network to which you are connected, as well as analyze other information

WPSApp (ver. 1.6.59)

With WPSApp, you know exactly who is connected to your network and can protect yourself from unwanted attacks. Check your device now!

WiFi Unlocker
WiFi Unlocker (ver. 3.3.6)

By installing WiFi unlocker on your smartphone ∕ tablet, you will surely ensure safe login, reliable verification of your (and if necessary "neighbor's") networks and their unlocking

Hacking WiFi on Android

A selection of current and working applications for hacking WiFi on Android. The list is constantly growing and is filtered from dross. Download a few of them, maybe you will need them.

Wifi WPS Plus
Wifi WPS Plus (ver. 3.3.6)

Despite the fact that the software is designed for educational purposes and is not a tool for "hacking", it can in many ways compete with similar applications (with some advantages, but about them a little later).

SHAREit (ver. 6.20.98)

With SHAREit, sharing files will no longer be a painful fuss with wires, transfer files via WiFi

AirDroid (ver. и

AirDroid is one of the popular client applications with which you can use almost all the options of your Android smartphone or tablet from Windows, Android, iOS and Mac OS X laptops.

Wifi Mouse Pro
Wifi Mouse Pro (ver. 4.9.3)

Use your smartphone as a mouse, very useful for controlling smart TV