Andrax is one of the newest and increasingly popular applications for pentesting on Android-based mobile gadgets. We will tell you about its features in the article below.

We have already talked about such a product as Kali Nethunter, and today's protagonist has surpassed it in some points. For example, it is better adapted to many smartphone models, more portable + automated in terms of launching work packages, has a large number of integrated, well thought-out tools (200+), open source, not complicated installation procedure, easy to use and etc.

It's not an emulator!

Who can use it? - If you are interested in hacker protection (without being a hacker) + seeking to personally try the latest developments in the field of penetration testing for their own benefit and development - you are definitely here!

Installing Andrax on Android

In order to start the installation, make sure you have:
  • ruth rights on your gadget;
  • 4GB free memory;
  • Android 5.0 and up.

Now you can follow the link (you will find it at the end of the article). Install the software, run it and follow the instructions - everything is elementary. Once you have passed all steps, we get a set of specialized utilities, each of which has its own mission.

We will not consider everything, let's name a few:
  1. AX-TERMINAL - the heart of software, there is a decent number of tabs to work.
  2. CodeHACK IDE - a compact shell with tips commands (syntax).
  3. Scanning - Amap, Nmap (Network Mapper), Masscan, SSLScan are services for scanning.
  4. Packet Crafting is a folder with software for making packages.
  5. Network Hacking is resources for network hacking.
  6. WebSite Hacking is for breaking sites and Password Hacking is for hacking passwords.

Download Andrax

Toolkit is constantly upgrading and improving. Its developers can be found on the channel in Telegram, where you can always quickly get advice to solve any problems. This is why it is worth considering using such a unique comprehensive software! We don't!

Go to the links - you can download Andrax on our portal right now.

Program information
Title: Andrax
Size: 3.16GB
Operating system: Android, Linux
Latest version: v5R BUILD: 5
Developer: The Cracker Technology
reload, if the code cannot be seen
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