Dsploit is an excellent set of utilities for assessing security on Android gadgets. It allows you to monitor your wireless connection and detect network vulnerabilities and bugs, which is very convenient and absolutely necessary!

Who needs it? - All those users who value network security, seek to protect their personal data from theft and protect their access point from fraudsters and hackers. Internet is a global network but it is full of viruses and malware which can be removed.

Features of Dsploit

Let's talk about functional features. They are quite a lot. It monitors traffic, uses an online router vulnerability database and:
  • open port scanning + spoofing
  • option to spoof TCP packets
  • extensive tools for picking keys to APs (by dictionary)
  • possible MITM attacks.
In addition, the software can "gain" logins ∕ passwords, replace web-site links, disconnect the subscriber you choose from the Internet (as has basic information about the model of the gadget and its IP-address) and much more.

The interface of the utility is minimalist (designed in dark colors). The administration is not complicated and is performed with a few taps.

Functions on the basis of Android 2.3 and higher. You need root rights + BusyBox application to use it.

This pentester is a must for various reasons - even beginners in hacking can easily handle it, it has no complicated configuration settings, it is easy and comfortable to install and has a Russian version.

Dsploit download to your smartphone for free on our web portal - just follow the direct link below. Good luck and network security for all of us!

Program information
Title: Dsploit
Size: 10.41 mb
Operating system: Android
Latest version: 1.1.3c
Developer: Simone Margaritelli, Matteo, Mohammed Alokaily
reload, if the code cannot be seen
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