Dumpper is free and portable software that focuses on wireless network management in the Windows operating system. It has a wide range of features that are useful for both the experienced computer technician and the average Wi-Fi network user. The application allows you to scan and determine the PIN code of any router, and it will also be useful for people who have forgotten or lost the password of their router. This is one of the most popular applications allowing to connect to a restricted network.

The working principle of the programs that can be used to hack a Wi-Fi network is that the application starts searching for vulnerabilities in the WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) technology. This Protected Setup exists to simplify the process of setting up a wireless network for a user by automatically setting up encryption. Many WPS-enabled routers are susceptible to hacking, even if they have a strong password. Special programs that can manage wireless networks take advantage of this. By finding vulnerabilities in the WPS installation, they connect the user's device to the desired wireless network.

Dumper and similar applications (WiFi Warden or WiFi Kill on Android, WiFi Map Pro on iOS) can be downloaded in minutes. People without special knowledge in the field of computer technologies can use them to access the restricted network.

Such software is useful both for users wishing to crack the wireless password and for Wi-Fi owners to check the protection level of their router against such kind of hacks. These applications usually include several ways to test a user's personal network for security flaws in the WPS protocol. The only way to protect your Wi-Fi network from intrusion is to completely disable WPS technology. However, not all routers and firmware provide such a feature.

We should separately mention the Dumpper Jumpstart application. In essence, these are two programs, the use of which, taken together, will provide the best guarantee of breaking into a closed Wi-Fi network. Dumpper is responsible for figuring out the PIN of a desired connection. Jumpstart is used to start the process of connecting to the network via the found PIN. The Dumpper Jumpstart app combines the two programs described above and is freely available.

Dumpper screenshot 1Dumpper screenshot 2Dumpper screenshot 3Dumpper screenshot 4

You can download Dumpper from the Internet in Russian or in English. At the moment it is only running on the Windows platform and is supported on all 32 and 64-bit systems. It is recommended to run such applications as administrator, otherwise errors might occur. You can download Dumper and similar programs that work with Wi-Fi networks for free from a torrent or the App Store and Google Play.

Program information
Title: Dumpper
Size: 8.88 mb
Operating system: Windows
Latest version: 91.2 и 91.3
Developer: SkyWatcher
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