WiFiKill is the original application for working with access points. It is lightweight (about 0.5 MB) and quick to install. The main functionality of this Android program may seem strange: it allows you to "kill" WiFi hotspots, restricting third-party access, becoming their sole owner for a while. Killer WiFi is available for free and extremely easy to configure.

WiFiKill is not difficult to download in a couple of minutes. You can also quickly capture any desired location, thereby restricting other users' access.

WiFiKill Concept

WiFiKill is designed for practical jokes, however, if somebody unexpectedly gets caught in the trap, he might not have time for jokes, considering that it can work with public open networks. It is difficult to detect the source of the attack, so the "prank" remains unpunished. Configuration as such is not required, the instructions for use are very simple.

  • Devices are found automatically, the list is constantly updated. These can be smartphones, tablets, laptops. Then you just disconnect them from the network.

  • There are a number of features that require specific conditions to run the application. It is absolutely impossible to download WiFiKill from the official marketplace, it is simply not allowed there, only on third party sites. The program is not at all demanding, the system is almost not loaded.

    wifikill pro

    WiFiKill Android, as it is easy to guess, is a program not quite falling under the classic licensing, why the work in a mandatory manner requires root rights. The latest version allows you to disable any number of connected devices. Now wifikill pro only works with non-patched spots.

    • The portable wifi killer boots in seconds and hardly ever misfires.
    • The application has many modifications, including outright pirated ones.
    • Even earlier versions of OS starting from 2.1 will work. No additional installation packages are required.
    • The application works on any custom firmware and it's insensitive to the system settings.
    • The unnecessary users are disabled by IP. This leads to several consequences at once: the system can be bypassed via VPN, but a simple reconnection of the default user will not bring any results.

    The monitoring system can notify about the appearance of new IPs by vibration. In the settings there are also settings of the blocking method.


    The algorithm does not work with some router models. The applet is also not at all friendly with Intel processors that are now being actively used in some Android tablets and compact netbooks.

    At the moment WiFiKill is free and working confidently, although it will not be surprising if the program is suddenly shut down or made chargeable. That is why the possibility of downloading it is worth taking advantage of right now. The use of this software remains on your conscience, because if you abuse it, you can really make a big nuisance to others.

    Program information
    Title: WiFiKill
    Size: 3 Mb
    Operating system: Android
    Latest version: 2.3.2
    Developer: forum.ponury.net
    reload, if the code cannot be seen
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