Wi-Fi programs for Windows

Router Scan
Router Scan (ver. 2.60 Beta)

IP address scanner within a given range, an interesting solution for local network research

Dumpper (ver. 91.2 и 91.3)

Dumpper is a good program for hacking WiFi networks with WPS vulnerabilities, of course it does not guarantee a password, but it is easy to find a weak network. It breaks about every fifth network.

Kali Linux
Kali Linux (ver. 2022.2)

Kali Linux (formerly BackTrack) is a powerful distribution designed to test wireless network vulnerabilities, find passwords from them and audit security. The program is not suitable for beginners, it is more for hackers.

Wireshark (ver. 3.6.6)

Wireshark - wireless network traffic analyzer, scans and saves all packets transmitted in the network, possible to import and export for further work in other programs

The Dude
The Dude (ver. 7.3.1)

In the process of monitoring, The Dude scanner determines the types and types of detected devices, "draws" a map of found networks (of any complexity), with which you can later interact visually easier. In addition, you can make your own maps and work with them.

Metasploit (ver. 6.2.7)

The sixth version of the popular Metasploit framework for system and network security validation

Nmap (ver. 7.92)

It is safe to say that Nmap is the quality standard in network security analysis.

InSSIDer (ver.

WiFi spy, if you can call it that. After all, you can only spy on your own network. The application captures the MAC addresses of devices using your WiFi network. Become an insider.

Tcpdump (ver. 4.99.1)

Tcpdump allows you to monitor and intercept traffic on the device running the best of its kind, system administrators will confirm

MyPublicWiFi (ver. 28.1)

MyPublicWiFi is a program for setting up a wireless access point on your laptop or computer. A simple way to give out a Wi-Fi network.

AirSlax (ver. 6.2)

AirSlax is a program for capturing and stealing passwords to WiFi networks with different types of security and encryption

PRTG Network Monitor
PRTG Network Monitor (ver.

A good program to monitor network usage, suitable for ordinary users, as well as system administrators

Airgeddon (ver. 11.01)

Airgeddon is a multifunctional Bash script for Linux systems for auditing wireless networks.

Angry IP Scanner
Angry IP Scanner (ver. 3.8.2)

Angry IP Scanner is a user-friendly Internet port and IP address scanner. Allows you to scan a local network within a given range of ∕ specified IP addresses - does it quickly and professionally

Wireless Network Watcher

Who can use WNetWatcher? For administrators + specialists in the field of wireless network configuration the software will be low-informative, but for home use it will be perfect.

NetSetMan (ver. 5.1.1)

NetSetMan is a very cool tool to quickly change your Internet connection profile without manual settings, great for those who need to quickly change connection parameters

Maltego (ver. 4.3.0)

Maltego is a powerful scanner and collector of data from open sources, can tell a lot about a person, company or other entity

Burp Suite
Burp Suite (ver. 2022.7)

The best of its kind scanner of vulnerabilities of WEB applications and sites with a lot of additional features

Wi-Fi Hacking Software
Wi-Fi Hacking Software (ver. 2.1 (beta))

A selection of the best programs for hacking WiFi networks, working on Windows and give the opportunity to use the Internet for FREE! There is also an Android version. Check it out, it will come in handy someday.

Parrot Security OS
Parrot Security OS (ver. 5.01)

Parrot Security OS - operating system with a focus on computer security, penetration testing and computer forensics

THC-Hydra (ver. 9.3)

A console bruteforce with many supported protocols. The fastest and most reliable program of its kind with clear syntax.

Capsa Enterprise
Capsa Enterprise (ver. 13.0)

Colasoft Capsa is a powerful wireless and wired network analyzer that allows simple monitoring with great capabilities

Wifinian (ver. 3.2.0)

Software for monitoring and automatically configuring wireless networks