InSSIDer is a free utility for analyzing and scanning Wi-Fi networks in your environment. In fact, we have a unique diagnostic tool for managing and monitoring your wireless network, suitable for virtually any user, both at home and outside the home, office or public institutions.

Selecting an access point (temporarily or for permanent use)? - We will explain you the functions of the application and you will understand its main features:
  • detects MAC addresses and manufacturers of connected devices;
  • monitors connection keys (SSID) + connection channels (including active);
  • displays information about transmission speed, shows maximum signal strength + session time;
  • detects security type (WEP or WPA) + traffic + usage
  • displays the location of PC ∕ laptop, reveals the dead zones with weak wifi signal and so on.
Among the advantages of the program are multiplatform, fast scanning (along with its efficiency), option of geodata using Google Earth, intuitive interface in Russian and easy management. The drawbacks include a considerable cost of the commercial version, incompatibility with Windows & nbsp;XP and the installation of additional software.

Functions on the basis of Windows 7, 8, 10; Mac and Android.

InSSIDer for Windows

There are basically 2 versions of software for PC ∕ laptops: demo and paid PRO  (activation code required). In any case, many functions are available there and there, for example, there is a possibility to watch WiFi channels and there are quite flexible settings for your preferences. Besides, the desktop version can be installed portatively from a flash drive (in this way you save system resources without overloading the device memory).

In addition to the functions described above, we should mention some more important points - the software efficiently detects possible connection problems, filters and sorts the results, providing good opportunities for comfortable high-speed surfing in general.

The process of InSSIDer installation on Windows is quite simple and consists of 3 steps:
  1. Download the software in any convenient way (using the direct link below the article).
  2. Install it in the folder you have chosen.
  3. Purchase the license key or start testing it for free.
Will need Microsoft Net Framework 2.0 or higher (except for computers based on Windows 10 where a set of libraries is already built in).

Settings of the utility are minimal, but the developers have taken care of that and created a great user manual.

Now let's talk about how to use the service. Now let's launch the client. In front of us is the main window with the information about the wireless adapter (on the top). Go to the "Networks" tab with the network information. Here you can select the channel with the least overlap (auto selection is not always correct). By the way, you can find out the number of networks, which are set to the same channel - in the field Co- Channel (on the right side of the table). Numbers 1-11 are considered optimal. You can choose the degree of protection in the tab "Security". You can stop the operation by pressing the "Stop" button.

To be honest, such a service can be an invaluable helper for the residents of modern cities, where it is sometimes more and more difficult to find the clearest signal without failures, congestion of conflicting channels and frequent blackouts.
If you are constantly searching for such a resource, take a look at the "hero" of our article. You can download InSSIDer for free on our portal from the official site - go right now!

Program information
Title: InSSIDer
Size: 32.2 mb
Latest version:
Developer: MetaGeek
reload, if the code cannot be seen
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