Sidejacking is an effective tool for analyzing wireless networks.

And again we are faced with a not quite standard security audit tool. Its working principles are the heart of the matter. The tool monitors and "reads" so-called "session IDs". They are used to connect users to social networks, messengers and other sites, where the username ∕ password is usually entered, and are therefore so important (we will not go into the depths of computer terminology). Then the interception is performed and access to Wi-Fi is opened.

Don't think that only inveterate "hackers" will find the program useful - simple users would do well to check their access point for unauthorized connections, wouldn't it?

Wi-Fi Sidejacking - user manual

Today we are talking about a software which is very concise in settings and universal in operation. By the way, there is no graphical interface and it's almost the only drawback of the software service.
  1. Download the installation file (link on the site below), run the software.
  2. Start monitoring the available networks in range - a full list of all found networks you will see in the main window. For the attack we suggest choosing the one that is closest to the others (look at the signal strength).
  3. Switch to the same channel on which the client works. To trace the traffic we launch a browser (write the address and the connection port: 3128).
  4. The next step is to launch the application to intercept the "cookie" - "Ferret". All found keys will be available in the window "Keys".
Help: Connected from the command line of Windows. There is a version for PC laptop ∕ and also for smartphone ∕ tablet.

The sidelinking method (integrated in this utility) is pretty simple but not always efficient. It is more effective in cases of hacking poorly protected services, but not all of them. There you have the second flaw. Otherwise, using our guide and armed with patience you can achieve the desired result.

Download Sidejacking for free on our portal right now - the latest version is available.

Program information
Title: Sidejacking
Size: 158 kb
Operating system: Windows
Latest version: 2.0
Developer: erratasec
reload, if the code cannot be seen
13 July 2023 14:41

kali linux is good
operating system
for programmers

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