Fluxion is a tool created for security audits, but it is often used for completely different purposes - namely for hacking and professional Wi-Fi network hacking. We are promoting quite different values, so today we are going to talk more about its capabilities and functionalities.

Help: Linux +Wi-Fi adapter required.

Fluxion for Kali Linux

What does the application do? - Performs system monitoring to get WPA/WPA2 key, create an additional access point and disconnect the active one. This results in data capturing during communication.

How does it work? - Once installed and launched, the script automatically scans the network, "catches" handshakes, blocks the user and clones his data. The DNS server is launched and the connection is established directly through it.

Fluxion manual

The installation will not take long as it is standard. Write the commands:

git clone https://github.com/FluxionNetwork/fluxion
cd fluxion/
sudo ./fluxion.sh

To start the software:


To upgrade the version:

git pull

For other basic options see screenshots:

The script web interface is so simple (it has recently been russified) that basically any novice user can handle it. There are clues on the screen, the controls are not complicated at all! If you make a small guide, it looks like this:
  1. Let's define the language.
  2. Grab the handshake:
  3. Select then wireless interface (to search), channel (specific or all). Wait for the end of the monitoring process, identify the desired access point, which we will "attack".
  4. Select the method and wait for the client to connect:
Having such data in hand, you can begin to create a fake page, capture the password and other stages of the attack (but for obvious reasons, we will not describe it - still illegal). 

The purpose of our review is to introduce you to a service that can both protect your online life (using the audit) and vice versa - cause harm. We hope you were interested to learn about this utility - you can download Fluxion in Russian on our portal - it's free and safe!

Program information
Title: Fluxion
Operating system: Kali Linux
Latest version: 4.10
Developer: FluxionNetwork
reload, if the code cannot be seen
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