Hacking WiFi on Android

Hacking WiFi on Android is a very useful (and sometimes even necessary) skill nowadays. We are surrounded by high-tech gadgets and electronic devices, most of which support wi-fi. They help us in work, study, entertainment and just everyday life. But often there are situations when the Internet is badly needed, and the working ⁄ home router is either not paid, or broke. Or even worse:
  • somebody got access to your network and is using it in bad faith (and they even changed the password);
  • your relatives have limited access to the Internet;
  • you forgot your password from your network;
  • you are traveling and do not want to go broke to use paid WiFi and etc.

Please note! If you are interested in a Windows program, go here!

How to be here? - Take your favorite smartphone, read our article and try to connect to other networks.

Don't be intimidated by this suggestion - after all we have high "ethical" goals. We will not constantly "hang out" on someone else's Internet, but only use it briefly and with good intentions. The goal is set, but our neighbors (or other owners of wireless "miracle") protected themselves from such "smart guys" like us by a password. So how to recover it? - We will have to use specially developed applications. Don't tell me that somewhere far away in your heart you have never aspired to become a hacker!

How the hack happens on Android devices

Before proceeding, let's talk a little about the hacking technology itself. How does it work? The "hacking" software is a simple application that is installed on a smartphone with an Android operating system. It allows us to obtain the password and SSID from any available wireless network and therefore gain access to it.

Services of such a plan is usually quite simple to use, although technologically their functionality is high. They allow for successful and quick hacking of a protected network (using dictionary passwords or WPS pincodes). Further you can get administrator rights for it or just restore access to it (if the network was originally yours).

Benefits of mobile hacking software

  • minimalistic, usually intuitive interface
  • simple configuration and minimal settings (no specific knowledge or skills required)
  • easy operation (saves time)
  • cannot use free utilities (saves money).
As a whole, all this allows us, mere mortals, do not depend on the eternally busy IT-specialists and system administrators, and connect to the selected network.

Applications for hacking WiFi on Android

As you understand, such resources are available both for free (and therefore may be limited in options), and for a fee - with greater functionality. What to choose in each case - only you decide. We've prepared a selection of the top 5 effective hack tools for you:
  1. WiFi Warden - a high-quality, feature-rich analysis tool that provides a large amount of information about your network (keys, channels, ports, etc.).
  2. Wps connect - free product for monitoring connections and effectively lifting passwords. Russified, does not require much space in device memory, easy to install.
  3. Wifi wps wpa tester - handy wifi environment scanner, which is also capable of selecting keys. Comes in English, there are paid and free versions.
  4. AndroDumpper - a popular wireless vulnerability search service. Russified, easy to use, root access required.
  5. WIBR+ - tool for cracking passwords by bruteforce method (contains dictionaries of keys). It is available in Russian, and software can be expanded by downloading additional databases.
The first four applications work only with WPS protocol by searching for vulnerabilities (pins), and only the last product unlocks access via dictionary cracking.

Download Free WiFi Hacker for Android

As you can see, the selection of programs is impressive. With such an assortment you will definitely be able to find the best service for you and learn how to use it effectively. We have provided you with only some options of utilities for testing. They are less professional, but they are easy to understand and easy to configure.

We recommend that you download hacking software from our resource - the reviews presented here are full of information on the services, get acquainted with their advantages and disadvantages, evaluate the software and understand for yourself what to choose and where to start.

Program information
Title: Android Wifi Hacker
Operating system: Android
Latest version: 2.6
Developer: 4PDA
reload, if the code cannot be seen
Download the same:
WPS Connect
WPS Connect (ver. 1.3.9)

WPS Connect is an application for hacking WiFi networks with WPS vulnerabilities, one of the best of its kind, respected among hackers

WiFi Password Reader

WiFi Password Reader is a reminder of passwords from WiFi networks, as our users call it jokingly. The application will show you all passwords from networks you have ever connected to

WPS WPA Connect Dumpper

Android software to analyze and scan WiFi networks with WPS protocol for vulnerabilities

zANTI (ver. 3.19)

zANTI is an interesting application for Android that is designed to monitor the security of Wi-Fi networks. Although we all understand where this interpretation sounds, it often implies hacking passwords. Yes, according to the idea this software should not be used for hacking activities, but here