Kali Nethunter

Nethunter is a variant of the Kali distribution optimized for Android smartphones. It is essentially an updated (if I may say so) version of Kali Linux with the same set of tools and minor modifications in the form of the XFCE graphical environment, which can be used both from a smartphone and from a PC/laptop/tablet. But first things first.

If we talk about the differences between the two above mentioned software, they are literally a few points: Nethunter has a graphical software for managing some options, plus there is a set of Android applications for attacking and working (DriveDroid, Hacker's Keyboard, etc.). The common standard tools are Aircrack, BTCrack, Btscanner, Metasploit, Kismet, Bluebugger, Nmap and others.

Installing Kali Nethunter

The distribution can be installed on Nexus line and other smartphones ∕ tablets (Samsung Galaxy, LG, HTC, Sony Xperia, etc.etc.) - the full list is available on the official site.

For the correct installation of software you need a gadget based on Android not lower than 4.4 version, root-right, 4.5 GB free space + OTG cable to connect.

Installation video:

Compatible External Network Adapters:

Now download and run the program, drop the ZIP file on the memory card, reboot the gadget and install over the existing firmware. Reload again.

Let's see the installation video, it is not an easy one!

What do we get in the distributive?

As you realized, NetHunter Home is a basic graphical shell with 8 tabs where you can view software information, open (if you want to update) the Kali console in chroot, run a test menu or a Wi-Fi hacking tool.

NetHunter also integrates some third-party tools and utilities worth mentioning:
  • Shodan;
  • App Terminal - use one of the different terminal types (chrooted);
  • Router Keygen - generate router passwords;
  • Csploit - set of Androud penetration tests
  • RF Analyzer - RTL-SDR application.

Download Kali Nethunter

This service is very interesting, but very complex to set up and use. Whether you personally need it is a rhetorical question. Some users find it incomplete and "raw", but these opinions are subjective as well.

And we would like to remind you that you can download Kali Nethunter on our portal - follow the link below. That's all for today. We wish you all information security and good luck!

Program information
Title: Kali Linux NetHunter
Size: 1.6 gb
Operating system: Android
Latest version: 2022.2
Developer: Offensive Security
reload, if the code cannot be seen
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