Intel WiDi

Intel WiDi is software that allows you to transfer images ∕ video and other multimedia content from your computer to your SMART TV screen. All this is done wirelessly in real time at excellent speed. Was that interesting?

We have already told you about the technology in detail. Today we will talk about the application itself - how to use it at home, what devices should be available (purchased additionally) and what you need to configure them properly.

WiDi for Windows - how to use?

For the full use of technology we use the following devices:
  • Tv with built-in function  WiDi  (in the absence of it a special adapter WiDi, which you can connect with a cable HDMI);
  • Notebook ∕ computer with IEEE 802.11n;
  • If you have a smartphone, projector, media player, or other device, then it must have Intel My Wi-Fi support.
Plus, you must install the software we're talking about. If your device has outdated drivers, they will also need to be updated - available on the official sites.

Important! Intel Display functions on notebooks ∕ PCs with Windows 7, 8, 10, based on Intel Core i3 processor or higher. Smartphones ∕ tablets require Android version 4.2 or higher.

Please note not all adapters support the technology (at least for now). The list of suitable devices is available on the site Intel.

How to set up Intel Wireless Display on Android

Let's look at the TV without the integrated adapter:
  1. Connect the external adapter through the HDMi connector. On the screen you should see a picture about the connection.
  2. On the smartphone go to the Settings > submenu "Wireless projector", select the paired screen (it will be one in the list). 

    Wait a few seconds and see the picture transfer to TV. Done!

If you do not see available paired devices in the menu, the technology is probably not supported. You can use it to connect your PC to your TV.

Download Intel WiDi

New technologies are always fun, easy and convenient. It's so easy to manage large amounts of files and keep your gadgets in sync without wasting time and energy on endless connection interruptions.

That's why we definitely recommend everyone to go with the times and download IntelWidi free from our web site. Experience comfort in action!

Program information
Title: Intel WiDi
Size: 221.07 mb
Operating system: Windows, Android
Latest version:
Developer: Intel
reload, if the code cannot be seen
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