WiFi Unlocker

WiFi unlocker is one of the simplest applications for auditing wireless security. And although it is designed for legal use only, not for password cracking or "hacking", it is very interesting to get acquainted with it for many reasons.

But first, let's start with a few words about the scope of the utility. Usually we use this kind of software when we need to:
  • connect to our network (and we've forgotten the password)
  • temporary use of an available AP but password protected (in a mall, coffee shop, office, etc.);
  • test reliability of connection for unauthorized access (at home).

WiFi WPS unlocker

Now let's talk about the software functionality. You will find tips to choose the best access point + the ability to interact with WPA/WPA2 encryption. The software will help you understand if you are using a secure password for wi-fi protection or if it is easy to crack. You don't have to do any complicated installation or configuration. Run the program, select your access point (by name) and start scanning.

At the end of the monitoring (usually it does not take long) the service will display the router name and password. If the network is well protected, you will see a notification about it, but the password itself will not be there. This means - it is reliable, you do not need to change anything.

Black color of the message will alert you to the vulnerability of your Wi-Fi. Hence the conclusion: it is necessary to urgently change the authorization code. You should not use simple standard numeric encodings but mix them with letters of the Latin alphabet (the more the better).

The utility supports a large number of routers, the list of which you will find below:

Help: operates on Android 2.1 and above.

Installing the software on your smartphone ∕ tablet, you will definitely ensure safe login, reliable checking of your (and, if necessary "neighbor") networks and their unlocking. Remember one thing - do not get carried away with hacking, it's not really legal. Otherwise, the service is very good and necessary!

We recommend downloading WiFi unlocker for Android on our web portal - it's free, fast (without registration), the latest Russian version is available.

Program information
Title: WiFi unlocker
Size: 2.4 mb
Operating system: Android
Latest version: 3.3.6
Developer: Anon Tech
reload, if the code cannot be seen
Download the same:
Wifi WPS Plus
Wifi WPS Plus (ver. 3.3.6)

Despite the fact that the software is designed for educational purposes and is not a tool for "hacking", it can in many ways compete with similar applications (with some advantages, but about them a little later).

WPS Connect
WPS Connect (ver. 1.3.9)

WPS Connect is an application for hacking WiFi networks with WPS vulnerabilities, one of the best of its kind, respected among hackers

Hacking WiFi on Android

A selection of current and working applications for hacking WiFi on Android. The list is constantly growing and is filtered from dross. Download a few of them, maybe you will need them.

zANTI (ver. 3.19)

zANTI is an interesting application for Android that is designed to monitor the security of Wi-Fi networks. Although we all understand where this interpretation sounds, it often implies hacking passwords. Yes, according to the idea this software should not be used for hacking activities, but here