mHotspot is a unique free program that allows you to give out Wi-Fi from any computer. Such a program will save the situation when it is possible to access the Internet only via a built-in or USB-modem or a local network and when you need a Wi-Fi network that will provide network access for your phone and tablet running on Android or any other operating system.

Windows at the moment have not developed any program for distributing Wi-Fi. That's why users are left to find a way out in such situations on their own and download the necessary program from third-party developers. However, more and more often such programs cause more hassle without solving the main problem, because they are usually paid and it can be difficult to find them. mHotspot is one of those free programs that allows you to turn your laptop or computer into a router, it will distribute Wi-Fi.

How to use mHotspot?

I am talking about the easiest to use program mHotspot Russian version. It allows you to turn your laptop or computer with a Wi-Fi module and Internet connection into a real Wi-Fi hotspot. Usually it is necessary if you need to have Internet access for a short time from several devices at once.

The mHotspot program is quite simple to use. There are no complicated settings and options. The setup does not take much time and is done almost automatically. You will only have to think up a name for your computer or laptop. The program allows you to connect several computers to the Wi-Fi network, but no more than 10 computers at a time.

The mHotspot interface is simple and laconic and free. The main window of the program contains maximum information about how many clients are connected to the network at the moment, as well as the amount of received, transmitted data, download speeds. There is also a tab called "Clients" in the program. Through it you can see which specific device is connected to your network. Connection to the Internet through the mHotspot program is very reliable. The connection is made with the support of several encryption algorithms simultaneously. If you decided to download the new version of mHotspot for free and installed it on your computer, you can not worry about data leakage.

mHotspotmHotspot interfaceMHotspot SetupAbout mHotspot software

When you download the mHotspot internet distributor for Windows and install it on your computer, you should follow the instructions below. In order to create a Wi-Fi network smoothly, edit the following lines:

  • Hotspot Name - you need to specify the name of the access point which will allow you to find the Wi-Fi network your computer is giving out.
  • Password - be sure to enter a password of at least eight characters.
  • Internet Source - It's important to fill the line correctly, otherwise the smartphone will connect to the network, but will not have access to the Internet. You will see a drop-down list from which you will need to select a network connection with network access.
  • Max Client - in this line you can select the number of devices that can simultaneously connect to your network (no more than 10) through mHotspot for Windows.

The mHotspot software works with Windows7, 8, Windows 10.

Program information
Title: mHotspot
Size: 3.36 mb
Operating system: Windows
Latest version:
reload, if the code cannot be seen
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