Let's take a look at Maryfi, a functional and easy-to-use software router to extend the range of your home Wi-Fi network. How does it work? - you ask. It's very simple - this utility will allow you to create virtual wifi hotspots and distribute internet from any device on which it will be installed. Your laptop will be used as a router.

Main advantages of Maryfi

  • Connectivity to all supported Wi-Fi devices (Android smartphones, tablets, iPhones, Apple TV, music players, game systems, portable consoles);
  • Functions without permanent Internet connection (Offline Network);
  • Data exchange with WPA2 security technology, password protection;
  • Access to network folders and drives;
  • Choice or restriction of certain protocols (FTP, HTTPS, POP3, etc.);
  • Capability to connect to the network.etc.);
  • Runs in the background on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10;
  • Possible to use a proxy server or VPN;
  • Network Diagnostic Options;
  • Free, Russified, does not take much resources, easy to install;
  • It requires Microsoft Virtual Wi-Fi Miniport Adapter (network adapter).
    If your Internet is broken:
  • Try to disable your anti-virus and firewall. These programs can interfere with Internet access.

  • Maryfi

    If you need to quickly and efficiently distribute Internet, because.

    If you need to quickly and efficiently distribute the Internet, because you have a lot of electronic devices in your house, you should download MaryFi for free in Russian.

    The equivalent of wifi is another utility called Magic WiFi.

    Program information
    Title: Maryfi
    Size: 2.69 Mb
    Operating system: Windows
    Latest version:
    Developer: MarySoft
    reload, if the code cannot be seen
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