Virtual Router Manager

Virtual router manager is designed to help if you do not have a real wi-fi router, but need to give it away. Its main task is to simulate a wi-fi router, so you can forget about any wires and inconvenience. The program is reliable and licensed, there are no viruses in it, and you can download virtual router manager for free. The program is compatible with the operating system Microsoft Windows XP, Seven and higher.

What devices is the program compatible with?

The key condition for the correct work of the program is the presence of wi-fi on the sending and receiving devices. The receiving devices can be: iPhone, iPod Touch, netbooks, laptops, audio devices, wireless multifunctional devices, smartphones, phones with Android or Zune and others. The distributor device (usually a computer) on which the program is installed must have a wi-fi adapter.

Where to download Virtual Router?

You can download the virtual router manager from the official site or on torrents. Please note that the file must have the extension ".exe" or ".msi" only. Anyone can configure the program, even without reading the instructions. It's even easier to use the program than to install it.

How to start the virtual router manager?

To give out wifi on windows you will need to perform the easiest operations:

  • correctly specify the name of your network;
  • enter the password;
  • press the "Start" button.

virtual router installation

Entering a password is necessary to secure the data being transmitted so that another person cannot unauthorizedly connect to your virtual distribution. All the devices connected by virtual wifi will be displayed in a window of the program. If you need to know even the ip and MAC-addresses of each device can be viewed in the program window.

Work with the program

In essence, virtual router manager Russian version is a shell, that is able to perform all the settings for you. You just launch the program and minimize it to tray. With these actions every time you turn on your computer it will automatically start.

virtual router

Customize the program

Configuration comes down to filling or selecting in 4 lines:

  • to create a wifi network you have to give it any name in the top field;
  • in the next field think of a password consisting of at least 8 characters;
  • in the pull-down menu "Shared Connection" choose the connection through which the computer connects to the Internet;
  • in the very bottom pull-down menu choose the desired type of connection.

Press the central button "Start Virtual Router" - the settings are finished. In the same settings window you will see the "Peers Connected", where will be displayed all the connected portable devices, which will be receiving the wifi.

How to choose the right type of connection?

In order to intelligently create a wifi network, you must choose the right type of connection - it is important! There are two modes: acess point or ad hoc.

  • Ad hoc. This mode provides a point-to-point connection. Translated into plain language, you can connect only one device to the virtual router.
  • Acess point. This mode allows you to connect a large number of receiving devices to the "access point" (wi-fi sharing device). Possible problems and troubleshooting

Program information
Title: Virtual Router
Size: 1.31 Mb
Operating system: Windows
Latest version:
Developer: Chris Pietschmann
reload, if the code cannot be seen
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