Aircrack-ng is a package of free network utilities for comprehensive auditing and full analysis of wi-fi networks (respectively network traffic). This set, by the way, is part of the Kali Linux toolkit, which shows its practicality and high efficiency. In addition, the software is quite functional, but not entirely easy to use. That is why today we are going to discuss the main nuances of its functioning and configuration.

Letters on the capabilities of the program - it is designed to monitor the surrounding wireless networks and capture the data from them. It can be used to test the strength of your own Wi-Fi password as well as that of your neighbor's (if needed strongly). In any case, when you download Aircrack-ng, you will be able to quickly test the connection and determine its security level, find existing vulnerabilities and errors (in order to fix them later). This functionality will certainly be appreciated by both ordinary users and experienced hackers. By the way, it is not designed to crack passwords (keep that in mind).

Help: Under Linux, Windows (all versions), NetBSD, FreeBSD, Solaris, OpenBSD and eComStation 2, working with many mobile devices and wireless network cards with a driver in monitoring mode.

How to use Aircrack-ng

There are a ton of tutorials on the internet that can either help you learn the tool or put you off using it altogether. We decided not to confuse you with long lengthy speeches but put together a small universal guide. We hope it will help you.

The desktop version for Windows has no automated boot wizard, so we do the following manual steps:
  1. First of all, disconnect from the WiFi network.
  2. Download Aircrack-ng (under the link below the article) and then unzip the installation file.
  3. Go to the folder "Bin" and run the program interface.
  4. We have 5 main tabs. Look for "Filenames" and select the dump (at the end of the capture data).
  5. Check the type of encryption ("Encryption").
  6. Check the boxes "Advanced option" and "Specify ESSID" (in the latter to enter the name of the hacked network)
  7. Click "Launch" and run the analysis. The search will start automatically and can last from 2-5 minutes to 10 hours (depending on the complexity of the keys). - Basically, much - you can work with WEP ⁄ WPA keys and ESSID lists, configure consoles, fix errors, change your passwords, remove WEP-masking, etc. You can, of course, start going through the keys from the dictionary.

    For clarity and in-depth understanding of how to use the utility, we've added a link to a nice user video tutorial:


    Aircrack-ng for Windows

    We forgot to mention the important point - the software interface is presented in two variations:
    • Console (for "advanced" users and  IT-specialists);
    • Graphical (GUI) with a standard interface.
  8. Several components are used for the correct operation of the software, each performing a different function.
  9. Aircrack - provides static cracking of WEP and WPA-PSK security;
  10. Airodump - gathers information about the sent packets;
  11. Aireplay - generate data and speed up data retrieval;
  12. Airdecap - used to decrypt WEP/WPA files;
  13. "About" - information about current version.
  14. These are the mini services that give us full access to the network information:

    The software is being constantly improved and updated by the developers - with it you get an invaluable experience and a lot of useful information to protect your wireless connection and even avoid possible hacks.

    The first time you might not succeed (you have to start again and be patient). We advise you not to get frustrated - and then everything will work out. You can download Aircrack-ng for free on our web portal by direct links from the official site - the latest version is available.

Program information
Title: Aircrack-ng
Size: 11.6 mb
Operating system: Windows
Latest version: 1.7
Developer: Thomas d'Otreppe
reload, if the code cannot be seen
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