Maltego is an application for collecting and analyzing information from open data sources. It compares all the data obtained and provides it to the user in a convenient graphical form (graphs, charts, diagrams). The program employs artificial intelligence, i.e. it is able to train itself and adjust itself to the user's specific tasks. Maltego is available for Linux, Windows and is included as a basic tool in the expanded version of Kali Linux.


Maltego allows:
  1. Automatically collect information from all Internet data sources including files, documents
  2. Maintain relationships between research subjects
  3. Generate charts for easier analysis of the data. Text reports can also be uploaded.

How to use

How to use the program? Automatic setup wizard opens after startup. Users only need to specify objects of interest for scanning step by step. It can be a site, a company, a person, a file, a document. Instructions in Russian are not even needed. The interface is not localized, but adaptive and interactive, which means you do not need to know English.

Linux systems have several interface variations depending on the window manager installed (with or without hardware acceleration support).

The application is available in 4 versions: for off-line work, free, professional and advanced (XL-edition). The nearest analogues in terms of functionality are Spider Foot and Visallo. The basic version can be installed free of charge, but it has a limited list of tools.

What are the uses of

The program is primarily used to search for available information about yourself and legal entities. Maltego also shows a detailed report on where exactly this or that data was obtained, on what basis the relationship between objects was established.

Download Maltego on our web-site. Only current versions of the application with the latest updates are available.

Program information
Title: Maltego
Size: 160MB
Operating system: Windows, Linux, macOS
Latest version: 4.3.0
Developer: Maltego Technologies
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