Parrot Security OS

Parrot Security OS - a computer security distribution based on Debian Linux. It is considered one of the most simple and versatile innovations of this kind, because it suits both beginners and "advanced" users. In simple language - today we are talking about a "new generation" operating system.

Software includes a portable laboratory for security experts and digital forensics, it also has functionality for developing your own software, protection of confidential information while surfing the net, performing penetration scanning at home, etc. It is considered a close analogue and competitor of Kali Linux, but with certain advantages.

The OS, for example, is installed on disk and therefore has a more advanced system of additional utilities. The menu is also surprisingly well organized, the working tools are divided into subcategories and categories, the necessary tab is always at hand. There is a number of great encryption applications for data protection (which are constantly being added) + TOR is supported.

Install Parrot on Linux

Several versions are available:
  • Full - basic system + tools for security testing
  • Lite - without tools
  • Cloud - for remote control
  • IoT.
The installation process itself is quick and easy:
  1. Go to our direct link and download the installer image to write it to the media. Both 64bit and 32bit architectures are available.
  2. With special programs (like k3b) we write it to the bootstrap.
  3. Set up BIOS (see manual on the internet), reboot it and go straight to the boot menu. Click "Install", choose the installer and see the components loading. At the finish line choose language (Russian present), country, keyboard layout, setup of user accounts and passwords, time, drive partitioning.
For your reference:The MATE desktop with it's own themes and wallpaper + LightDM display manager.

Download Parrot Security OS

The system works steadily - without crashing, does not consume a lot of system resources (including memory), so it is suitable for owners of not quite "powerful" devices that save every Megabyte. Its functions will be even more useful (in time we are promised over 700 utilities).

Cheer security? Would you like to learn more about this sphere? Do you want to learn the administrator's profession and don't know where to start learning? Download Parrot Security OS for all that and it's absolutely free! We're sure you'll be amazed!

Program information
Title: Parrot Security OS
Size: 2.3 gb
Operating system: Windows
Latest version: 5.01
Developer: Frozenbox
reload, if the code cannot be seen
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