MyPublicWiFi is an excellent free service for sharing the Internet on Windows devices. The software is gaining more and more popularity points for downloading, and it's no coincidence at all. It makes you want to work with this kind of software, because it's so easy! Read our review and you will understand everything.

Let's start by tradition with the functional characteristics of the application. Certainly, we have put "simplicity and reliability" in the first place and there is basically no need for comments here (easy installation, intuitive menu, default settings and easy-to-follow instructions). By the way, the utility is perfectly customizable (we are always happy to make our own adjustments).
Second, it has great functionality and low weight, namely:
  • memorable WiFi connection to all who know the login data
  • can log all URLs of the visited sites
  • ability to track traffic and limit access to specific servers
  • lock users from using P2P.

MyPublicWiFi for Windows

And on the topic of features and versatility, let us remind you that sharing WiFi from laptop or desktop has long been very limited (requires additional hardware, knowledge, etc.). The developers from TRUE Soft have made it possible to use their utility not only for experienced system administrators, but for ordinary users as well.
As a result, we can confidently say that they have succeeded, because it's so easy to use(many steps are automated):
  1. Download and install the utility on your device, reboot it.
  2. Run the virtual router as administrator, log in (with username and password).
  3. Here you go - send the traffic to your laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.

By the way, the utility is equipped with the modern security protocol WPA2, which provides full protection of the transferred data. It encrypts all packets individually and every connected device is treated separately in order to prevent any possibility of data interception.

Help: Operates under Windows 7, 8, 10.

Download MyPublicWiFi free download in Russian

A similar modern program for Internet access will be a real catch for those who like fast Internet access in any way - the main thing is that it is simple, fast and accessible to all. That's why we definitely recommend our readers to work with it, especially it's free.

And you can download MyPublicWiFi in Russian right now - click the link below.

Program information
Title: MyPublicWiFi
Size: 4.99 mb
Operating system: Windows
Latest version: 28.1
Developer: TRUE Software
reload, if the code cannot be seen
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