NetView is a simple utility for gathering information about network resources on electronic Windows devices. It is a kind of substitute for the standard environment (which we are used to), but with extended functionality. This means that the software not only collects data about the network, but also constantly checks the list of devices by pinging them or connecting to a specified port.

Let's talk about other NetView features in a bit:
  • connection monitoring;
  • logging data (white and blacklists);
  • canning ports and IP addresses;
  • sending messages over network;
  • mapping connections by segment, etc.
These features can be increased and expanded beyond recognition with additional plugins. Some come with the software, while others must be downloaded separately.

We would like to point out another convenient software option. By right-clicking on the PC and selecting Properties you can view the IP and MAC addresses, type of the operating system, running services, the list of users, uptime on a remote PC, open ports etc.

Help: runs on Windows operating systems (Vista, XP, 7). Not to be confused with the network services command of the same name!

The program interface is laconic and intuitive. The main menu contains commands: "File", "Actions", "Settings", "Plugins", "Tools", "Windows", "Help". As you have understood, there is the Russian language, therefore it is so easy and understandable to interact with it. In addition, the utility can hang in the tray and not interfere with the work. In this case, its icon will change depending on its current status.

This free software service is a unique, quite powerful tool for monitoring and administering local networks with an excellent multifunctional toolkit to perform various tasks. No further comments are required.

Download NetView for Windows in Russian on our portal. The latest version is available via a direct link for free. Recommend only useful services to your friends!

Program information
Title: NetView
Size: 1.88 mb
Operating system: Windows
Latest version: 2.94
Developer: Killer{R}
reload, if the code cannot be seen
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