PRTG Network Monitor

PRTG Monitor is one of the best network monitoring applications. The software is very professionally developed, has great functionality and excellent security options. Apparently, that's why the utility is so popular among common users and system administrators of large companies as well.

The program is very self-sufficient - there is no need to use third-party software when using it. It is able to monitor the IT infrastructure in a non-stop mode and identify all the problems related to it. It runs on virtually all popular operating systems and supports most technologies: SNMP, SSH, WMI, Ping and SQL (including NetFlow, jFlow and sFlow). Besides, it is compatible with mobile gadgets.

Help: it runs on OS Windows (from XP to 10), Linux, Android and Unix and is compatible with Cisco.

PRTG Network Monitor

One of the characteristics of the system is worth a special attention. This powerful tool allows you to monitor traffic effectively (input ∕ output), filter by protocols and network addresses, monitor wireless access points (Wi-Fi + LANs + WANs), software applications, servers, and Web sites.

Sniffer is capable of quickly compiling and playing interactive maps of all the electronic devices involved and the entire network. Besides it tests data transmission speed, RAM, CPU load + OS bandwidth in case of slow ∕ frequent service hang-ups, as well as helps in hard disks state diagnostics. It has a flexible notification system with the function of adapting to the user's needs and wishes. All this is just a small part of functionality and main advantages of the software.

Many users especially appreciate the service for other "features" - capturing packages (on router, switch, server) and interception of data traffic. In this case the "advanced" users should not have any difficulties - the auto-detection function is launched, adjustable filters and sensors (over 200) are activated, all information is displayed on an intuitive and configurable panel. You can install the software on your computer ∕ laptop, smartphone or tablet. We would like to suggest the best and most succinct option that suits absolutely everyone - logging in via the Web-interface.

After installing and starting the system you get to the welcome page, where there is a helpful guide for dummies and beginners (we advise you to read it - click "Start Guru"). Do not worry, the interface is in Russian - it is not difficult to understand!

Then you can configure the administrator settings (login, password, data for connecting to the Internet). Once this stage is passed, the basic information on the connected devices and sensors becomes available - the information that was initially required.

There is a lot to do and do here - there are numerous parameter checks, addition of new sensors and templates, mode selection, search for "intruders" and cracking, work with reports, logs, etc. We would like to point out the well-thought-out system of color indicators that signalize errors, failures and critical parameters of the equipment. The menu is functional and operation is convenient.

Other interesting thing is that the main window with its tabs has improved considerably since versions 10 and 11. There is much more of them in the newest updates of version 19. The same can be said about the settings.

We won't describe all the manipulations in detail in this article as they are well described on the official site of the developer. Read on!
The full version of the program is available for 30 days only and then is replaced with a free but limited version. We'll take the liberty to give you a piece of advice - don't look for the key ∕ crack. In such professional services you should not risk your security for the sake of saving money - you can regret it very much later.

Program information
Title: PRTG
Size: 340 mb
Operating system: Windows
Latest version:
Developer: PAESSLER AG
reload, if the code cannot be seen
Download the same:
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