NetShare is a great tool for turning your Android gadget into a hotspot. The software is undoubtedly useful in many life situations, but its main task is to efficiently and quickly distribute the Internet (at home family, in a restaurant to guests, in the park to friends). We've already talked about similar services, but they were all developed for computers (analog: MyPublicWiFi). Now it's time to consider developments for modern smartphones and tablets.

The functioning principle of the software is the same in both cases, as well as the functionality. The difference is in the operating system and some requirements and interface simplicity.

How to use NetShare PRO

You heard right, it is super-easy to use! It has a great menu + tips in Russian which makes the whole process of creating a Wi-Fi hotspot very easy. Just download and install the software on the phone, run it.
  1. Create a hotspot (do not change the name), tap "Edit" and gets a warning.
  2. Next, generate a name - Reset button (with the names of the buttons is a bit absurd, but never mind!).
  3. Check Start wifi hotspot  (or in Russian Create Hotspot). In the same window there is an instruction for setting up the device you want to connect, it's that simple!
The settings have several options: data notification, firewall (blocking third-party applications like Skype) and themes (3 colors). You can use them or leave them untouched.

Lack of ads and limited uptime are also very important.

Functions on Android 4.0 and up, no root permissions needed.

Download NetShare

Well, such Internet sharing tools are a godsend for all users who value fast Internet access with stable speed. If you are looking for this kind of assistant we recommend downloading NetShare for free on our portal. The link below provides the latest version in Russian.

Program information
Title: NetShare
Size: Depends on the device
Operating system: Android
Latest version: 1.95
Developer: NetShare Softwares
reload, if the code cannot be seen
Download the same:
Wifi WPS Plus
Wifi WPS Plus (ver. 3.3.6)

Despite the fact that the software is designed for educational purposes and is not a tool for "hacking", it can in many ways compete with similar applications (with some advantages, but about them a little later).

WiFi Analyzer
WiFi Analyzer (ver. 3.11.2)

Free WiFi networks and channels scanner, an indispensable assistant in finding and setting up your network. The best scanner for Android to date.

IP-tools (ver. 8.30)

The application includes 19 mini-utilities, each of which performs different purposes and tasks. But in general, with this tool you can get data about ip addresses (internal and external + router) and the network to which you are connected, as well as analyze other information

AndroDumpper (ver. 3.11)

The third version of the AndroDumpper app for Android, allows you to get the password from the closed WiFi network and use the Internet completely free and confidentially.