Error 651

Error 651 quite often disturbs users when connecting to the Internet. It is mostly related to network hardware failures (router, network card, modem). If you see it once again on your screen, do not be lost and open our instruction - we know what to do and how to help you!

This is how the ill-starred ERROR looks like on various versions of OS Windows:

Failure with error 651 - how to fix it?

Sometimes this error is highlighted when there are technical problems at the provider (for example, the main server has shut down and everything stopped working). To be sure of this you can contact the service provider. If his fault in the lack of connection, then follow this scenario:
  1. Reboot the laptop & nbsp;∕  PC + router (this method sometimes gives a positive result)
  2. Take the network cable from all devices, check the integrity, and then reconnect. It also helps to check the sockets.
  3. Try to turn off antivirus (especially if it has just been installed or updated), firewall and firewall - the cause of failure may be in them (it's a security system).
  4. Check the network card drivers - they may be out of date (download new ones from official sites). And if you have 2 cards - then we recommend you to disable the one, which you do not use to enter the Internet.

Error 651 appears when you connect through the router 

It means that the device is configured incorrectly (or you have already rushed to interfere in its work). To fix this situation you should Go to the settings of your router (our article explains how to do this) and select the type of connection + its parameters (username, password). Then everything will definitely work!

If you use PPPoE via wireless connection, check if the Wi-Fi adapter is enabled on the electronic device (PC).

We explained the easiest and most common solutions for Error 651 in Windows. We hope you have coped with the task!

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