IPhone can't connect to WiFi

Iphone does not connect to wifi - this is one of those questions that are often heard on the Internet. Sooner or later every third owner of IOS-device wants to know what to do about it and how to fight it.

We would like to note right away that this problem most often occurs when working with a new network (you know that there is unlocked wifi in a store, restaurant, park on the bench - but you cannot connect today, although yesterday someone there was connected). When working with home wi-fi usually such problems do not occur. Let's try to figure it out.

The algorithm of our actions will be:
  1. First, check the router (if real), maybe your IOS device is out of range. If necessary, reboot the router or reduce the distance between it and your iPhone.
  2. It does not hurt to check the correctness of the password (case-sensitive), you can first perform a forced reboot of the device (especially relevant when there is a prompt "Wrong password").

  3. Try to "forget network" (Settings - Wi-Fi - connection name - "Forget" - search for networks, reconnect to the "forgotten" - enter password).

  4. You can try to switch router and access points into WEP mode (such advice is usually given on technical Apple forum).
  5. If the previous four steps failed, do a complete reset of the network settings (it will certainly lead to the data loss, but what to do!). Run the following: Settings - Main - Reset - Reset Network Settings.

One more thing: if your device was brought from abroad, in our country this iPhone can not connect to the WiFi, you will need to change the country in the router settings.

Let's see some more possible problems. There are cases when:
  • connection seems to be complete, but the pages somehow do not load, it is also recommended to perform points 1-3 of the instructions and, if necessary, point 5;
  • there is a warning "Insecure network" on the phone - you can use (just a software warning);
  • lit gray icon Wi-Fi - possible module failure, you have to go to the professionals.

Take into account the following nuance: if your other electronic devices can communicate with a given access point, and only the smartphone fails, the error is likely to lie in the software (firmware version or some other internal failure) - you will also need to refer to the service.

Help: This guide applies to iPhones 5 series, as well as 4s, 5s, 6, 7 series.

As you can see there are quite a lot of connection errors, but each of them has its own solution. We are sure that one of the above tips gave a positive result and your Apple smartphone safely connected to wifi.

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