Obtaining an ip-address infinitely

When trying to connect a mobile device or desktop computer to the network, there are times when the device cannot connect and gives us the error "Obtaining an IP address infinitely". What to do in this case? Let's find out. Possibly:

  • hang-up ⁄ malfunction of the Wi-Fi router (try to reboot the device, sometimes it's enough). If rebooting did not help, and you know how to configure the router, you can do a complete reset and re-configure the Wi-Fi router.
  • Gadget failure (requires OS upgrade, rollback to the factory settings, or new firmware).
  • DHCP-server on the router (the server is responsible for the distribution of IP addresses) does not work correctly. Check the router settings, enter address in the address bar of the browser, then the password and login and go to the settings. In the settings, look for the DHCP tab and next to the designation "On".
  • The problem with the configuration of the WiFi encryption and security (it is recommended to set WPA and WPA2). If something does not work, you can try to disable network security (select "Disable Security" in the router settings).
  • filtering by MAC addresses (you need to deactivate the Wireless MAC Filtering function, which is available in every router. To do this, go to the "Wireless" tab, then "Wireless MAC Filtering" and turn off the function).

A successful and often working solution to the problem of infinite IP address acquisition is to remove DHCP files that affect its automatic detection. Just go to a special directory with files and delete unnecessary files (do not forget about root rights and a file editor to work).

There is another method of fixing the error, maybe it will suit you - setting static IP-address on your Android device. Go to the settings of your phone or tablet and select the "wi-fi" section. On the screen, we see the grid, which shows the permanent receipt of the ip-address. At the point of adjusting the wireless network configuration, check the Display additional parameters checkbox. In the "drop down" lines we select the list correcting the IP parameters, and then specify "static address". No further changes are required - Android itself will suggest the default address to keep. If you have a router like Tenda or D-Link, you should write the following values in the device: 192.168.0.X. Now check the access to the Internet - the infinite reception of ip address should stop.

And finally another quite convenient way, which can help in automatically fixing this wifi error is a specialized application WiFi Fixer.

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