WiFi Fixer

WiFi Fixer is a small but functional application developed by Zanshin-g1. The purpose of the program: to solve all your problems with unstable, "hanging" or for some reason, not working Wi-Fi connection.

When can this program be useful? If you see the network connection, but receiving or transmitting data does not happen. You may restart your hardware and then reinstall it, but the problem may remain unsolved. That's when you can use an application like WiFi Fixer.

The program successfully solves the problem of Wi-Fi shutdown in standby mode, as well as optimizes your network settings and prioritizes the work of the router, for example, the work of the specified device (smartphone, tablet). In addition, the program eliminates most of the errors associated with your Wi-Fi connection while automatically maintaining its continued smooth operation. The application reconnects to the specified network if necessary (if it is disconnected). The Local tab has a function to view information about the security level of your router. It archives all the networks connected to your smartphone (tab Known).

Download the Wi-Fi Fixer in Russian you can follow the link below.

Properties and advantages:
  • Russified, suitable for Android 2.1 and higher;
  • configures once, works in the background mode, does not require further intervention in the work;
  • performs network monitoring, log file recording;
  • consumes a minimum amount of resources (energy, memory);
  • does not amplify a weak signal, but looks for faults in the network.

Program information
Title: Wifi Fixer
Size: 1.3 mb
Operating system: Android
Latest version: 1.0.5
Developer: Zanshin-g1
reload, if the code cannot be seen
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