Tcpview is a compact port monitoring utility. The software is not quite interesting for a wide range of users, as it is quite narrowly functional. But network administrators should have it in their arsenal of software resources because they often have to check TCP/IP protocols for activity, openness etc.

The software allows viewing the detailed lists relating to all UDP and TCP endpoints right on the system. Those in turn include remote plus local addresses and the status of TCP connections. This all sounds a bit complicated, so let's explain in simpler terms. With this application it is easy to find out what is happening on the user's electronic device (when entering data into the browser, running online games and other actions). A number of tools are responsible for launching all those processes which also need to be monitored.

Developed by Sysinternals (more specifically Mark Russinovich) and runs on OS Windows (NT 4.0 and higher).

TCPView Portable has a simple graphical interface. It is portable that is why it doesn't require installation and can be launched from a flash drive (there is a command line version). After starting the software opens the main window with a list of processes and sorting by columns and rows. Information is available about processes currently running, protocols, remote and local addresses, state at the moment.

One interesting aspect is that when the program is in motion you can see different colored highlighting of some or other lines. Since the system is "in motion", with the processes are logical updates (changes), so we see three colors:
  • red (closed endpoints);
  • green (open);
  • yellow (TCP points with changed status).
And finally we would like to mention one more nice "feature" of the software - you can use it to close the malicious services and virus programs.

Download TCPView

This software service will unlikely be useful for all users without exception, but for fun and when you have special needs it is easy to "get along" with. It is super laconic in use and does not contain complex specialized configurations (which beginners are so afraid of).

Download TCPView for free on our web portal - the latest version for Windows is available. Click the link below! Good luck!

Program information
Title: Tcpview
Size: 285 kb
Operating system: Windows
Latest version: 3.05
Developer: Mark Russinovich, Sysinternals
reload, if the code cannot be seen
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