Who Is On My Wifi

If you use a WiFi router without a password to connect to your wireless network, there is a high probability of unauthorized users connecting to it. By installing the program Who Is On My Wifi on your computer you can detect a spy in a couple of seconds and prohibit him from reconnecting to your access point.

How to find out who is connected to Wi-Fi with Who Is On My Wifi

The program Who Is On My Wifi is a reliable tool in the fight against freeloaders who impudently use your unlimited Internet traffic. The saddest part is that such uninvited guests steal the speed. The trick of the program is that you can scan the available devices in the range in a couple of seconds, and select from them only those that you personally use. All other suspicious connections are set an uncompromising ban on reconnection.

The program is configured so that every 5 minutes it automatically initiates the scanning procedure. If a foreign object is detected, the software will inform you with a beep. In addition, a prompt notification will appear on the screen asking you to pay attention to the event.

The Who Is On My Wifi project is the most advanced software product in its class, which is incredibly easy to work with.

Program information
Title: Who Is On My Wifi
Size: 1.46 mb
Latest version: 4.0.4
Developer: IO3O LLC
reload, if the code cannot be seen
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