How to Share the Internet from Your Phone

An Android or iOS phone with a SIM card installed can be used as a portable WiFi modem. That is, it is possible to give WiFi from the phone to all other devices. Practice shows that connecting to 4G high-speed Internet access can provide up to 10 gadgets simultaneously. And it's not just smartphones and laptops. Internet can be also distributed to the TV, tablet and computer with WiFi-adapter.

How to set a WiFi hotspot on Android

How to distribute the Internet from an Android phone?
  • open Settings
  • Go to Wireless Networks & Internet (MIUI sharing)
  • choose Access Point
  • Specify the desired WiFi network name and password, and press Save
  • open the Bandwidth menu and select the shortcut of Access Point.
The instruction is valid for Android 4 and newer versions. In some smartphones you can also set the channel of the created WiFi network, add the attribute "Hide SSID".

How to give out internet from iPhone

The way to turn on an access point is as follows:
  • in the device settings, go to "Modem Mode";
  • slide the slider to the "ON" position;
  • in the "Password" section, enter the desired access code (by default access will be granted without entering a password);
  • choose "Done".

Further you can distribute internet from your phone to your laptop, smartphone, TV. When you connect a device to your iPhone, the status bar shows the total number of connected gadgets. Instructions are valid for iOS 7 and newer versions.

What to do if your mobile operator blocks Internet access

Some mobile operators block Internet access from the phone or provide it as a paid service. You can bypass this restriction for free on Android devices with root access. All you need to do is change the TTL value. It is advisable to use special programs for this, such as TTL Master.

If even after that Internet access does not work (this is the situation with Tele2), then you will also need to enable VPN on your smartphone. It is impossible to bypass this restriction on the iPhone without jailbreaking.

It should be noted that WiFi sharing is a power-consuming function. At 100% battery charge smartphone in access point mode it will work only 3 - 5 hours.

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