Wi-Fi at the cottage

Wi-Fi in the countryside - a dream of any urban user who is tired of the bustle of the metropolis, but cannot give up some of its benefits (including the Internet) in the countryside. If you refer yourself to the Internet-addicted users, pay attention to this guide. There we will explain in details how to make Wi-Fi connection in your country house.

We should also note that if you often visit your country cottage not very often but only from time to time (and your devices have a good signal from the mobile operator) you should take a look at method №1. Its essence is that you just need to switch the gadget (smartphone, for example) into the access point mode and "give out" the Internet via Wi-Fi to other devices.

Often this method does not work, because the cottage settlements are located far from the mobile operator towers. Well, do not forget that all tariffs are paid, and free megabytes - are not infinite. In that case we have to consider way #2.

How to make Wi-Fi in a vacation home

The following equipment would be required for Internet access in a small country house:
  • Router with a USB port
  • 3G (or better 4G) modem with LTE support
  • antenna for better signal strength (if needed).
There is one important point - good placement of all these devices. If the house has two floors it is better to mount the router on the second floor to get a stronger signal. If the cottage is one-storey, the access point should be placed near the window facing the base station. Well, if you own a large estate - you'll have to spend money on Wi-Fi-Repeater.

And now about the most important - how to install the equipment for country internet? Let's start with the software - let's update the router firmware, which will allow you to use it together with the modem. You can download the firmware from the manufacturer's servers (for example, Dlink). To make sure there are no problems with the USB modem, first of all test it by connecting to the laptop ∕ computer still in the city.
Now you need to go to the modem settings and select the 3G Only mode. After that the connection to the wireless network may be established automatically, or you will have to perform the settings manually.

Once you configure the Wi-Fi, all the devices in your home network will be able to access the Internet. Don't forget to protect your wireless connection from outside intruders. To do this, you will need to set a secure access password. Failures or freezes may occur during the work; in this case you should simply reload the router.

As you can see there is nothing difficult in getting a good connection outside the city apartment.

We hope that with our help you were able to configure Wi-Fi at your country house quickly and efficiently. See you soon!

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