Is WiFi harmful

Whether WiFi is harmful to human health is the topic of today's information article. We did not choose it by chance, because for some time now we can hardly imagine our life without the Internet - our work, studies, hobbies and interests, sometimes all our free time and leisure time are connected to it. And where a global network - there must be wi-fi. This technology can safely be called a salvation for fans of "online" and mobility. But on the other hand, it is the wireless connection that has caused numerous studies and disputes among specialists in various fields of science (doctors, scientists, radio engineers and ordinary people). The essence of the dispute: the harm of WiFi for the human body.

In order to answer this rather difficult argument, we should become more familiar with the technology itself. You know, for example, that Wi-Fi connection to the Internet occurs via radio waves, in other words, the use of this device and conventional radio is the same? Now the logical question arises, "Can conventional radio communications harm humans?" Let's leave that dilemma open. After reading our article to the end, we are confident that you will find a decent answer.

Interesting facts about Wi-Fi

  • Microwave ovens and routers have the same wavelength - 2.4 GHz, and the radiation from the microwave oven is 100 thousand times greater(!!) than the router
  • Power 3 times stronger than wireless devices, namely 1 watt and 63 milliwatts (mW.) respectively (data from British scientists).
By the way, the impact of Wi-Fi radiation is significantly lower than that of 3G (2.4 GHz and 100 mW router versus 0.9 GHz and 1W on a smartphone).

So we should get rid of all gadgets that are potentially dangerous for our health? I doubt that you immediately run to throw away your brand new smartphone, favorite tablet, expensive TV or such a necessary microwave oven. The more recent data from scientists show that the level of electromagnetic radiation from routers is 600 times less than the norms that are permissible and safe for the human body. It's encouraging, isn't it?

However, on the other hand, the installation of any electronic devices in rooms where you often stay, sleep and especially in children's rooms is never a good idea. I think this is clear without explanation. And we also strongly advise: use the 5 GHz frequency, reduce the signal power of the device if possible, or turn it off at night at once.

It is important! And do not believe in the power of special devices for protection from electromagnetic radiation, their effectiveness is questionable and not scientifically proved.

In general we will be able to assess the impact of radio magnetic radiation in about 30 years when the technology is firmly "in our lives" and we can see the consequences of its use and who knows! negative experience.

I hope we answered the question posed at the beginning of the article and our information dispelled all your doubts about whether WiFi is harmful.

Буздалов Максим Викторович
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- PhD in Technology, Associate Professor of "Computer Technologies" department, expert in the field of computer networks, more than 12 years of experience.
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