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Google Public DNS is a public domain name system service with good speed and reliability characteristics. and public (therefore free and safe) dns servers from the same company. They can be freely used by users if they experience some connectivity problems. Designate them once on your electronic device (including mobile gadget) and you can forget about them:
  • frequent crashes and hanging pages in the browser + improve connection speeds;
  • bypass blocking banned websites (from the list of the ubiquitous Roskomnadzor);
  • get rid of a number of Windows system errors;
  • guarantee work with the original resources (not substitute Internet pages);
  • replace unreliable DNS-server providers for more stable in operation.
That's why today we are going to explain how to use them correctly and where to write them.

Customizing Google DNS in Windows

Let's see our walkthrough tutorial - just a few steps separate you from the main goal:
  1. Left click the Wi-Fi icon in the Taskbar and click "Network and Internet Options".
  2. Go to: Adapter Settings > find your connection, right click, then click Properties.
  3. Locate "IP version 4," again press Properties, under "DNS Server Preferred":, and under "DNS Server Alternate": Click OK.

How to set the DNS on Android?

No special professional knowledge and skills you do not need - take a portable gadget and...
  1. Open the settings, the section "Wi-Fi". 
  2. Find your network, tap on it and hold your finger for a few seconds (until the menu appears). 
  3. Change network, check "Advanced settings". This is where the "IP Settings" > Static submenu will be available. Enter data (see screenshot):

Applying changes. Your smartphone ∕ tablet is now set up correctly.

How do I change DNS on my iPhone?

It's just as easy to change the network settings on an "apple" gadget based on iOS! The first and second steps are identical to the installation on Android (see above). After selecting the network, go to the tab DHCP >  "DNS", write only one address - the four eights.

Done! From this day on, the site pages will open without problems or "glitches".

How do I change Google's DNS on my router?

  1. First Go to your router settings (you will learn how to do this described here).
  2. I go to the "Internet", select our type (wired, wireless), find the field DNS 1 and DNS 2 protocol - insert the digital address, save the information and reboot the device.

All modern routers are different and have their own web-interfaces, but the principle of configuration is identical and intuitive - we are sure that you will manage it!

Important! If you used the setup servers in the router, there is no need to re-enter them on PC and other devices.

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